Submit Your Poems or Short Story For Valentine's Day

By Fairy Hayes-Scott

"What this world needs now is love, sweet love."

The lyrics to that song are most appropriate for these times. One thing is for sure. No matter your political perspective, one factor is most certain: Most people love at least one person. 

And (MANA) would like you to celebrate this love during this upcoming Valentine's Day.

There is much power in the word. Saying and writing that one person loves another is very powerful. That is why people take their time and read and purchase Valentine's Day cards. And this is what I did when the husbands of my aunts passed. Yes, I missed sending these cards to my uncles; but I did not want to miss letting my aunts receive a Valentine's Day card from me, letting them know how much I loved them. Furthermore, I decided to do the same for my parents.

So, when my aunts and parents passed, I regretted their passing, but I knew I had let them know in so many ways my love for them. I would not miss special occasions to reiterate my love for them, for example, Valentine's Day.

Now, MANA, being in business for twenty years, has a primary focus— encouraging writers to write.

How to celebrate those you love

So, for those of you who love to write, MANA wants to celebrate this upcoming Valentine's Day month by having you share your love of the most special people in your life by writing a poem or short story. 

From now until February 7, you can submit a poem of 250 words or a short story of no more than 500 words about love for significant others or family members. It would be a literary greeting "card." 

For every work submitted, MANA will donate $2 to Covenant House, MANA's designated charity for 2022. Covenant House is an organization that provides shelter, food, immediate crisis care, and other services to homeless and runaway youth.

So, your literary greeting card posted on this blog will express your love to the special people in your lives. Also, it will spread love to those you may not personally know.

Submit your work today!

Submit your short story or poem to MANA via email: 

Questions? Contact MANA at 734-975-0028.

Happy Valentine's Day from the company that lives its motto: MANA—More Than Just A Self-Publishing Company"

MANA's Black History Month Publishing Offer For Black and Marginalized Writers

Writing gives voice to our thoughts, feelings, and emotions, and unlocks our creative potential. Many voices, however, have been marginalized by society, individuals, personal trauma, or in other ways. 

To kick off its 20th year of supporting self-publishing authors, (MANA) has a special offer for Black and marginalized writers for Black History Month. MANA is giving authors a chance to get their poems and short stories published at minimal costs in the e-book, MANA's Messengers—2022: A Collection Of Poetry And Short Stories.

Submit your work on the website of

Everyone has a story to tell about their experiences, whether it's in the form of poetry or a short story. Stories are a part of our daily lives. If you think about it, not a day goes by when we do not hear, read, or tell a story. Stories tell others who we were in the past, who we are now, and who we want to be in the future. 

Writing gives voice to our thoughts, feelings, and emotions, but some voices are not always heard or appreciated. Unfortunately, the voices of many people have been marginalized for various reasons. Nonetheless, these voices can spring up and force change in society. 

MANA's Self-Publishing Offer

The following are submission requirements to have your short story or poem published in MANA's e-book:

10 Questions To Ask Yourself Before Starting Your Book This Year

This could be your year to finally accomplish your goal of writing and publishing your book. Writing is a journey that can help you discover who you are and help you to turn your dream of becoming an author into reality. 

Writing is a wonderful habit that can transform your life if you stick to it and do not give up. You may think it difficult to write every day, but you must make time for it.

Some people prefer to write first thing in the morning so they can start their days feeling energized. Others prefer the quiet of early afternoons or late nights. The best thing to do is to choose a time that feels right to you and set aside 15-30 minutes to write.

To help you get started or to motivate you to continue, if you’ve already started, here are 10 questions to mull over or use as journal prompts. You can work through the questions in chronological order or skip around if you prefer. 

So, let's get started. Grab a cup of coffee or tea, sit down (with or without a journal), and check out the questions.

10 Questions To Ask Yourself   

1. What are your writing goals this year? 

2. Did you start writing projects last year? If so, did you complete them? If not, what stopped you from completing them?

3. What self-limited beliefs will you cast off this year so that you can achieve your goals? A self-limiting belief keeps you stuck where you are (for example: "I can't write a book, and even if I do, who would read it?")

4. What new declarations can you make this year to replace your self-limiting beliefs about becoming an author? An example of a declaration: "I am a talented writer with a gift to share.

5. Do you need to hone your writing skills? If so, how do you plan to do it (for example, hire a writing coach, take a writing course)? 

6. What books do you want to read that will help you with your writing or help you to determine how other authors develop their stories?

7. Do you plan to connect with other writers or interview authors who can give you advice about writing?

8. Consider the writing projects you want to start this year. Have you set a deadline for them?

9. Is there someone in your life who can hold you accountable for completing your writing projects this year?

10. Think about your own life. Is it time for you to write your memoir? 

Do You Have More Questions?

These are by no means the only questions to ask yourself. But, this is a great way to get started. 

You may also want to download's (MANA) free file Before You Publish: A Book Publishing Checklist which has an extensive list of questions for you to consider before publishing your book. Click here to read our blog post about the checklist.

If you have questions about writing or publishing a book, feel free to contact MANA at or call 734-975-0028.

Do You Have Grammar Questions? Ask Away!

Are you struggling to understand grammar? (MANA) created an audio series on this blog called, Bare Essential Bits: All You Wanted to Ask About a Grammatical/Writing Tidbit but Were Too Embarrassed to Ask! Each 5-minute audio addresses a spelling challenge or grammatical issue that stumps or confuses writers. You can find the audio series here.

While the audio series is pretty extensive, it only scratches the surface on grammar. In fact, after listening to the series, you may still have questions about grammar that this series did not cover. If so, MANA is giving you an opportunity to ask questions and get answers. Here’s how this works: 

1. Send MANA your questions about grammar via email:

2. Your questions will be answered in an audio prepared especially for you by MANA’s owner, Dr. Fairy Hayes-Scott, who also produced the series.

3. The audio will be posted on the blog. 

MANA's Resource on Grammar

Dr. Hayes-Scott has written a book on the subject titled, Bare Essentials—The Book: Providing The Puzzle Pieces Of Good Grammar, Precise Punctuation, And Accurate Word Choice. The book is available on MANA’s website. Check it out here.  

Grammar is important to our everyday lives, whether we are writing a book, a paper for English class, or a doctoral dissertation, or sending an email to our supervisor at work. We go into the importance of grammar on the blog post, "What's The Big Deal About Grammar?"

With constant effort, you can improve your grammar skills which are essential to your writing and personal success. 

Interested In Self-Publishing Your Book? MANA Can Help!

Do you need help turning your finished manuscript into a self-published book? (MANA) can help. 

Do you need a cover created for your book? MANA can help. 

Do you need marketing services? MANA can help.

If you want to learn more about the services MANA provides, watch this video featuring MANA's owner, Dr. Fairy Hayes-Scott: 

Whatever you need as a writer, MANA has it for you. MANA can help you get your book into the hands of many people to enjoy. 

Welcome to MANA!

Have questions? Contact MANA via email: or call: 734-975-0028.

A Q&A With F.P. LaRue, Author of "The Curse of Shadow Park" (MANA) welcomes F. P. LaRue to the MANA Family of Authors. LaRue has also authored adult non-fiction books, Stalking: Surviving the Hidden Terror and co-authored Discover You Inner Strength.

When not writing, LaRue loves to travel, having visited all 50 U.S. states and 53 countries. During the COVID-19 pandemic, LaRue took to writing again. She loves scary stories and hopes her stories encourage children to discover the wondrous adventures reading can matter what age.

The Curse of Shadow Park is LaRue's latest book, a fictional story for young readers that follow the escapades of Oliver and his two best friends who try to solve the mystery of a hiker that went missing in Shadow Park. 

As they search for the missing hiker, they find more than they ever expected in the Forbidden Zone of the park!

MANA: What inspired you to write your book?
F. P. LaRue (FPL): I've always been an avid reader. I find reading fun. I enjoy adventure, scary stories, and horror stories. I thought it would be fun to create and tell my own scary story.

MANA: Is this your first book? If not, what other books have you published?
FPL: This is not my first book. I wrote a non-fiction book, Stalking: Surviving the Hidden Terror, and co-authored another non-fiction book, Discover Your Inner Strength, both for the adult market.

MANA: At what point in your life did you realize that you wanted to write?
FPL: I've always wanted to write, even as a child. When I was a child and read scary books, I always wanted to be able to write them myself. It just took a while for me to actually sit down and do it.

MANA: When and where do you write?
FPL: When: I like to write whenever I get a chance; when I'm feeling inspired. Where: I like to write in my home office that I have set up to be open, relaxing, with few distractions.

MANA: For what age group is this book for?
FPL: This book was written for children from ages 7-8 to young teens, but I have had older people, even adults, tell me it is a fun read.

The Curse of Shadow Park Book Teaser 

Introducing the Poetry of Rachel Germain

Disorientation of Disembarking

Fearful that with my unusual absence,
all your ongoing accusations and doubts will be
confirmed. But also more fearfully aware that if i never take a risk,
I forfeit any possible lessons being learned...

Exasperating every other option I've managed to conjure up, 
From daily desperate pleas for your attention to
completely driving you crazy.
With everything crumbling around me
And each passing day our future together becoming
a little more hazy. 

i'm forced to step out of my element,
and take each moment one by one...
Holding my breath, drowning in repeated rejections
Asking questions that may never be answered,
Looking to God for the final outcome. 

If you never miss me, can you ever value my worth?
Or will I ever find again what i allowed you to make
me lose?
I can't remember what was important before you
and i no longer know who i am
It's constant fight or flight with all the non stop
mental abuse.

Meet Nick Christopher: Time Traveler

With help from his life-long friend, Paul Roberts, a renowned scientist, Nick Christopher travels back in time to the years before his birth, so he can talk to his mother and change her future. 

Nick's father had died suddenly before Nick was born, but the trauma of his death had done "little to cool his mother's feelings and sometimes bitter resentment about him as a husband." 

But just as Nick discovers a way to go back in time, so do forces who have their own dark agenda for changing the past to fit their image of the future. So, what happens when Nick runs into these mysterious, unidentified agents? 

Nick’s mission is to change the course of his family, but is he trying to play God in the process? Check out the video for the book, Nick Christopher: Time Traveler.

Nick Christopher: Time Traveler is the first fiction novel by Dr. Gregory Shafer, an English professor whose nonfiction textbooks include Process & Voice in the Writing Workshop, and Propaganda—American Style: A Textbook for Critical Thinkers (Click on the titles to read our blog posts each book).