Selections From "Poems of the Spirit" by Prophetess Shirley Barnett

Lost Ships

When the light shines from the lighthouse,
We should always know

The Lord is guiding His wandering ships  

Who are lost and need a way to go.

They are continuously drifting

Through the raging storm.

They cannot easily find their way.

Many are destroyed and torn.

Can you captains see the path

That is shown you throughout the night?

Or do you sailors have blinders on

And refuse to see the flashing light?

How many of you will be lost at sea

Not realizing your path ahead?

Or will you follow the flashing light

That shows you an alternative instead?

Stop your wandering, all lost ships,

The lighthouse is very near. 

It is guiding all God’s ships

To a promised land with a pier.

Help Is On The Way

Help is on the way for all God’s children now.

He is sending his loving angels to protect us and teach us how.

Many days will come when it seems as though we are alone.

But Jesus’s loving angels will whisper, “God hasn’t gone.”

When we feel down and depressed and wonder if He is near,

Jesus has an angel for everyone, and we will never have to fear.

We must keep our thoughts holy, and our faith in very high gear.

Jesus will soon be returning, but His angels are always here. 

Look up toward heaven as He calls His angels away,

For Jesus will then be returning to take us home that day.

Who Knows Me But God 

Let’s face it.
There’s no such thing as homeostasis.
What is this complexity we’re chasing?
Who knows me but God?
Who knows me naked?
Who knows how I spend my time?
Who knows my addictions?
Who knows that I hate preachers, and believe mankind destroys religion?
Who knows my distrust of politicians?
Who knows my inner struggle with this war?
Who knows that it’s hard for me to say no to a Maker’s Mark and ginger?
Who knows that I pray all the time?
I even give thanks when I am drunk.
Who knows my anger and sadness?
Who knows that if I could be any instrument,
I’d be a sax because of how its soul sings.
Who knows that I am just like my father?
Who knows the appreciation for my mother’s love?
Who knows that when I was twelve, I sold fake crack, in Lemond Garden Projects?
Who knows me naked?
Who knows my passion for life?
Who knows that I’m in love with God?
Who knows that I love who I am?
Who knows that my favorite time of day is when I’m shaving? Let’s face it:
There’s no such thing as homeostasis
What is this complexity we’re chasing?
Who knows me but God? 

Poems of the Spirit by Prophetess Shirley Barnett is a collection of poems on various topics of life that speak to the spirit of its readers. To preview the book, visit the book's page on

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