Selections From "Sweet Ache: Poetry of the Soul" By Elesia Powell

I Am A Poet

I am a poet

I have avoided this declaration.   

Afraid of not meeting

The expectations that

Inherently follow the title

A sharp knife

Words are the weapon of war

A skilled surgeon

A healer of wounds

Placing the balm of definition

Over uncertainty until the

Bruise is barely visible

I am a poet

The confirmation of the word

Establishes it. 

Mother of the Heart

This love not burned but fostered

Quarried from new ground

Not of the flesh

But true to the heart

A mother given by grace

Wisdom delicately imparted

And I am enriched

Although not in the natural

A mother and daughter still

The time we have shared

Has left an indelible mark

Thinking of you

This is written with love

To my mother of the heart.

Now I Know What Love Is 

I hold you in my arms
Knowing you are as much
A part of me as my own heart
You sigh with relief
Triumphant in this struggle
A prelude to the journey
Innocent eyes captivate me as
I wait for what seems an eternity
Before you call my name
Your first steps are my reflection is greater taken with trust Albeit unsteady
As you bloom
My reflection is greater
This is pure love unconditional
As a mother’s love should be. 

The Only Thing Missing Is You

Woke up this morning and marveled 

at the vacancy in my bed,

but lately that’s my choice.

The pleasure of the insubstantial is so brief.

I shake myself, and I place my hand on the

covers to see if you have fallen down deep

between the foam and the floor.

In the bathroom, I brush my teeth and

wash my face to get a glimpse of who has

done this thing to me.

To my chagrin it is a familiar sight.

The single tear strolling down my cheek

pays homage to your departure now two years ago.

Scrambled eggs, bacon, and coffee,

Place settings at the table like you used to do.

I pause again,

One mat, one plate, one fork, one knife,

And then another tear meander down my cheek.

I got the book deal and bought the Bimmer,

The big one, you know.

I have the house now, the one with all those

Extra bedrooms for your family and mine, our family.

I have everything I ever wanted.

I finish breakfast and head to my office

To open the mail and what a surprise

There is a note from you.

Hello, just wanted to say congratulations!

I hear your struggle has paid off.

I know you are doing well.

I am busy too, new husband, new baby and

A very small house

In which nothing fits,

But I love it.

Wishing all the best

Love you forever E.

Drawing the letter across

My face, I breathe deeply

To get a hint of your fragrance.

Yes, there it is a trace of you.

Neatly folding the letter back into

The envelope, I place it in the drawer

Next to the old stamps, the keys

From our first apartment and the

Photo of You reciting at our favorite

Spot on the day we met. 

Eleisa K. Powell is MANA's 2014 Passion for Poetry Poet Contest winner. To preview the book, Sweet Ache: Poetry of the Soul visit the book's page on the website of

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