Selections from "Simply: A Collection of Poetry" by Jessyca Mathews

Make Me Tingle

I am looking for you
to make me tingle.
From the tips of my fingers,
to the edges of my existence.
Make me tingle,
so I feel alive again.
Jolt me back into my sexual existence.
Make my skin feel tiny bursts of energy,
letting me know that it’s all right.
It’s all right to be made love to,
to be the object of your affection.
I can feel it now as you kiss me
and lay me down softly on the bed.
I just hope it lasts forever.

Superhero Fun Run

I’m surrounded by superheroes.
The sun has just started to shine, but the heroes are out, not
affected by the time.
A miniature Buzz runs by me as I walk.
He can’t be more than four, and races in order to make an
attempt to fly.
His mother soon passes me, racing after him to save him from
blasting off.
There is a child, painted green and in a tattered shirt
who does a “strong man” pose each time there is a camera.
There are villains,
and Sci-Fi creatures crowding the street
Mothers with strollers are behind me, with layers of blankets on
their babies.
The weather won’t stop them from this costume engagement.
The finish line is in front of me.
It’s almost the end.
But that was too quick.
I’m enjoying being a child again.
I want to think I can fly,
Climb buildings, fight things that frighten me, and
save the world.
Maybe after I finish the race, I still can.

Jessyca Mathews was a winner of's Passion for Poetry Poet's Contest. Mathews is also an English teacher and was selected by the Michigan Department of Education as a 2019-2020 Regional Teacher of the Year and was a finalist for Michigan Teacher of the Year in 2019-2020

Visit the website of to preview the book: Simply: A Collection of Poetry.

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