Friday, January 11, 2019

Listen to an Audio Clip of the Book: "Through The Storms Again" by MANA Author Martha Freudigman

Through The Storms Again—The Sequel: A Mini-Murder Mystery by Martha Freudigman, picks up where the first book, Through The Storms left off. 

Two murderers, who escape from law enforcement, and their henchmen terrorize the citizens of the small town of Lincoln. The close-knit community, however, rises to the challenge of these revengeful escapees and other criminals. 

Listen to an excerpt from:

Through The Storms Again—The Sequel: A Mini-Murder Mystery

Go HERE to read a Q-and-A with the author, Martha Freudigman.

Visit the book's webpage:

Thursday, January 3, 2019

Do You Have an Author's Business Card?

If you are an independent author, it's altogether possible to have a chance encounter with a reader who enjoys your book and wants to book you for a speaking engagement. 

What if the person asks you for your contact information? Are you going to get out your smartphone, ask for that person's phone number, input the number into your phone, then send a text message to make sure you have the person's correct number? Instead of using a smartphone, why not simply pull out a business card?

As an author, you may think that you are not a "business owner" so you do not need a "business card." But, think about it, if you are an author, you are a "business person" because you are providing a product to readers and making a profit. A business card is one of several business tools that you can use to promote your books. 

Your Business Card Display

Your business card should display your contact information, such as the following:

• Your name
• Your professional email address
• Your website URL
• Your social media addresses
• Your phone number

If you have an actual business office, you can include our business address. Your home address should remain private unless you already operate a business from your home. 

Having a graphic of your book on your business card is a giant plus, and helps to promote your book.

Thursday, December 6, 2018

Overcome Your Book-Publishing Fears in 2019

Do you want to publish a book but are afraid to “go public?” Having to step out from behind your anonymity and into the spotlight is a scary feeling. 
Another question that comes with being an author is: “Will anyone buy my book?” And, if they do, you may be fearful of what other people think of your book. What author doesn’t have this fear?
However, in order to succeed as an author, you will have to overcome these and many other fears. So, are you ready to overcome your fears and commit to becoming a published author in 2019?
It has been said that goals and dreams that have been left untouched often fade into the distance and become nothing but a memory. Is this really what you want to happen? 
The following are 5 steps that can help you overcome your initial fears of publishing your book. Along with the steps are questions that may prompt you to delve even further into the publishing process.
So, here goes: 

Thursday, November 8, 2018

Are You Ready to Turn Your Book or Manuscript Into An Audiobook? MANA Can Help!

While consumers continue to show their love for print books, audiobooks are quickly becoming popular among consumers.

Downloaded audio is the fastest growing format with 28.8 percent growth from 2016 to 2017, according to the Association of American Publishers (AAP). 

In its 2018 StatShot Annual Report, the AAP found that audiobooks showed 146.2 percent growth from 2013 to 2017.

Book industry experts believe consumers enjoy audiobooks because they can listen to the books on-the-go instead of staying in one place as they would if they were reading a printed book. 

According to Statista, 57 percent of consumers listen to audiobooks on their smartphones, followed b 52 percent who listen on their desktop or laptop computer.

If you are a writer and want to join the audiobooks movement, (MANA) can help.

MANA and Marktree Productions

MANA has teamed up with Marktree Productions, an experienced audio company that provides quality audiobook services. Click HERE to listen to a sample of the services Marktree Production provides. 

Marktree Productions will provide the audio digital service for your book. MANA will provide the print, e-book service, all print, or combination of print and e-book book publishing services. 

Thursday, November 1, 2018

Listen to an Audio Clip from "The Lonely Girl Diaries: From Pain to Peace—Part One"

In the book, The Lonely Girl Diaries: From Pain to Peace—Part One, author Laura Wade details her experiences when her husband of more than 20 years leaves her for another woman. These diary entries take a reader through the painful process of having to accept the death of a marriage. 

Many women will be able to relate to the content of this book. This author gains the strength to forge a new life for herself and shares the journey with her readers. This is one in a series of audio clips (MANA) is presenting on its blog. 

Email MANA at: and tell us that you heard the podcast and receive the discount!

Now, enjoy an audio excerpt from The Lonely Girl Diaries: From Pain to Peace—Part One

Friday, October 26, 2018

Not Ready to Have a Full Publishing Plan? Try The MANA Partial

Do you want your manuscript prepared for publishing but are not quite ready for a full publishing plan?  Then, consider "The MANA PARTIAL."

This plan is perfect for writers who want to have their manuscript prepared to go to the next level—only later. 

If you do not have the budget to have copies of your book printed or do not want the other complete features of a publishing plan, The MANA PARTIAL can take care of those needs. 

MANA's service will save you money! The greatest cost is the initial preparation of turning a manuscript into a book. That cost involves layout and artwork and cover designs. 

MANA can have your e-file ready so that you can print or publish your work with any company that you wish.

You can choose three types of services that include:

• Customized layout
• Color covers designed by author (jpg only) or by one of MANA's artists 
• Color drawings (jpg only) by the author or by one of MANA's artists
• Editing and Proofreading (optional)

This is a great opportunity to have your manuscript prepared as an e-file. In six weeks, your manuscript will be ready for publishing.

To find out full details and description of the three services, visit The MANA Partial page HERE

Questions? Contact MANA at

Listen to an Excerpt from: "Soar with the Angels: A Children's Book"

Soar with the Angels: A Children's Book is for children, young and old. It makes concrete what many believe in their hearts and what others would like to believe about angels. 

This is one in a series of several audio clips (MANA) is presenting on its blog.

Listen to the podcasts and receive a refund check for 20% off the original price of the book ordered! 

Email MANA at: and tell us that you heard the podcast and receive the discount!

Now, enjoy:

To preview this beautifully illustrated book, visit the webpage HERE

Friday, October 12, 2018

Presenting an Audio Excerpt from the Book: "Dancer & Other Tattered Threads of PTSD Lives"

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) is real and has affected soldiers of various wars.

Dancer & Other Tattered Threads of PTSD Lives: After the Wars —Revisited by T. Patrick Devlin contains three short stories about PTSD.

Each fictional story, "Dad's TV," "Dancer," and "Roadkill" give a different perspective of the challenges of PTSD for veterans and those who care about them.

Now, listen to an excerpt from the book: 


Go HERE to visit the book's webpage.