Are You Looking For New Books To Read? Check Out These Books By MANA's Authors

If you enjoy looking for new books to read, then look no further than (MANA). MANA has books in a variety of genres—from fantasy and children's to classroom textbooks. As long as you love to read and discover new books, MANA has something for you. 

Part 1: Listen to excerpts from the children's book, The Curse of Shadow Park by F. P. LaRue, and the fantasy book, Nick Christopher: Time Traveler by Gregory Shafer. 

Part 2: Listen to excerpts of poetry from the book, Autism—Poetic Pride: A Collection of Poetry by Queen Anya Rutz, and a college textbook that focuses on the nature of language, Linguistics For College Freshmen and Sophomores: Non-Majors Welcome! by Gregory Shafer. 

Learn more about each book by MANA's authors: 

1. The Curse of Shadow Park

Curse of Shadow Park
, a book geared toward adolescents, tells a fictional story for young readers that follow the escapades of Oliver and his two best friends who try to solve the mystery of a hiker that went missing in Shadow Park. 

As they search for the missing hiker, they find more than they ever expected in the Forbidden Zone of the park!

To learn more about MANA's author, F. P. LaRue, click on the title to read our blog post, A Q&A With F.P. LaRue, Author of "The Curse of Shadow Park."

Click HERE to preview The Curse of Shadow Park on MANA's website.  

2. Nick Christopher: Time Traveler

In Nick Christopher: Time Traveler, the young scientist sets out on a mission to change the course of his family, but is he trying to play God in the process? 

Nick's mother died, leaving him feeling alone, devastated, and wondering about his responsibility as an only child. So, Nick goes back in time to save her, and in the process, uncovers questions he has always had about the sudden, and rather mysterious, death of his father, a Vietnam War veteran whose life's dreams have been shattered. 

But just as Nick discovers a way to go back in time, so do forces who have their own dark agenda for changing the past to fit their image of the future. So, what happens when Nick runs into these mysterious, unidentified agents? 

To learn more about MANA's author, Gregory Shafer, click on the title to read our blog post: "Meet Nick Christopher: Time Traveler."

Click HERE to preview Nick Christopher: Time Traveler on MANA's website. 

3. Autism—Poetic Pride: A Collection of Poetry

Anya Rutz is aware of the challenges that autism brings, but she does not let autism stop her from achieving her goals.

Rutz has published a collection of poetry with messages of empowerment and encouragement for any reader. Her book, Autism—Poetic Pride: A Collection of Poetry, speaks to anyone who has been confronted by life's moments, mentally knocked down, and spiritually uplifted. This collection provides inspiration for anyone who wishes to reflect, recharge, and embrace the challenges of life. Rutz added the title of "Queen" to her name because she has been able to rule her life with all of its challenges and become an author.

To learn more about MANA's author, Queen Anya Rutz, click on the title to read our blog post: "Introducing Autism—Poetic Pride: A Collection of Poetry." 

Click HERE to preview Autism—Poetic Pride: A Collection of Poetry on MANA's website. 

4. Linguistics for College Freshmen and Sophomores: Non-Majors Welcome!

College students may approach this subject with the same dread as they would a root canal. However, Dr. Shafer's insight, sharpness, and wit make this an excellent work for undergraduates who are not majoring in linguistics but want a clear understanding of the science of language. 

This text demonstrates how language and its users can include, exclude, manipulate, and comfort. This is one of the first textbooks for freshmen and sophomores that provide an intelligent, thorough, and challenging study of language. 

Click HERE to preview Linguistics for College Freshmen and Sophomores Non-Majors Welcome! on MANA's website. 

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