Introducing "Autism—Poetic Pride: A Collection of Poetry" by Anya Rutz

Anya Rutz is aware of the challenges that autism brings, but she does not let autism stop her from achieving her goals.

Rutz has published a collection of poetry with messages of empowerment and encouragement for any reader. Her book, Autism—Poetic Pride: A Collection of Poetry, speaks to anyone who has been confronted by life's moments, mentally knocked down, and spiritually uplifted. This collection provides inspiration for anyone who wishes to reflect, recharge, and embrace the challenges of life. 

Rutz has added the title of "Queen" to her name because she has been able to rule her life with all of its challenges and become an author. 

In one of her inspiring poems, she applies the title of "Queen" to a grand piano:

The Grand Piano Queen
The grand piano queen I am
The grand piano sits still in a corner ready to be played by a queen 
Indeed, she is a lady.
She stands tall with pride while wearing her crown
A smile spreads across her face
Stars dazzle in her eyes
She carries a lilac flower 
The grand piano is black like the night
She plays for hours.

In Let Autistics Be Free!, Rutz celebrates the freedom from those who would want to control people with autism:

There are many control freaks
Discriminating against me.
Against getting married,
Against medical weed,
Let autistics be free.
My will has made the control freaks almost gone.
I have forced them out of my life.
I can rise at dawn
With no commotion
And dance with happy emotions. 
The control freaks are no longer discriminating
They are no longer around me to be hating.
There were thousands of them in the state.
The only thing they did was hate.
I am strong now.
I have a place where I belong.

In Light Over The Rainbow, Rutz encourages readers to never stop dreaming and believing: 

When you're down and feel like there is no more point in life
You just keep walking that trail
Say to yourself, "No, I must not fail."
When the ocean is having its heavy waves
And you can not swim to the shore
When the rain falls and pours
And you feel like there is no where to go
Just look ahead and you can see the light over the rainbow.
Don't stop dreaming.
Don't stop believing.
Let it go
Let it flow
Let all troubles go
Let all struggles flow
You can always see there is a light over the rainbow.

To preview Autism—Poetic Pride: A Collection of Poetry, go HERE to the website.

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