The Story Behind Robbie Dean Press and MarketingNewAuthors.Com by Dr. Fairy Hayes-Scott

Dr. Fairy Hayes-Scott, 
Owner, Robbie Dean Press
As a student in grade school and high school, the textbooks I used showed no acknowledgment that Black people or any minority peoplexisted in the United States. 

Now, my favorite subject was English, especially literature. No diversity in the short stories. No indication at all of any minorities was in the English textbooks. When I entered college, there was no difference.

So, when I began teaching in college, I wanted to make a change. Well, to make a change, one must be a key influence of the company that publishes textbooks. And so, that was what occurred in 1991. 

I had difficulty finding a textbook that I could use with my college Deaf students. Either the material was too immature for my adult students or the material used language that was too complex. So, I would develop my own materials for my students; I would use the mimeograph machines (yes, this was really long ago). 

My Deaf students suggested that I write my own book. Great idea, I thought. But who would publish it? To make a long story short, with the encouragement, help, and support of friends and spouse, Robbie Dean Press began. 

Entering the World of Book Publishing 

My first publication was for my Deaf college students, Essential Writing Skills for Deaf Students. Then, I found myself, still, in a quandary regarding the basic English textbooks for all students. No indication of any minorities. Textbooks did not do something so minor as having an example of, let us say, a college other than one that was most definitely attended by predominantly white students. This was not what I wanted. 

The English text I used was of quality; however, I needed more in it. Thus, again, I returned to providing supplementary material. Again, my hearing students suggested that, instead of providing so many handouts, I just should write my own book. I did. And, now, the work is in its 19th edition—Bare Essentials: A Handbook for Beginner Writers

My intent was not just to provide textbooks to meet the needs of my students but, also, to reflect that the world had a diverse population, not one made up of only one race. However, other writers contacted Robbie Dean Press. I began to publish textbooks for others. 

Then, there were those who wanted my company’s services but not for textbooks. They wanted marketing services. And they were willing to pay for the publishing and marketing services. Ah! I thought. I need to begin a self-publishing company. So, in 2002, was born in the self-publishing world. 

Marketing and Beyond (abbreviated form was MANA) became a company that encouraged other women entrepreneurs, provided all publishing services, printing, editing, ghostwriting, web design, cover design, marketing, and distribution.

I wanted both of my companies to have authors of diverse ethnicities. I was not interested in my companies publishing works by only one race or ethnicity or gender. I was not interested in publishing books that focused on only Black or any other minority. Also, it was very important for me that the works published by both the traditional textbook company or self-publishing company would be reviewed. 

When MANA began, it was not common that works published by a self-publishing company would be reviewed. So, any work published by MANA or Robbie Dean Press had to pass the rigor of a review board. 

Then, I wanted MANA to give writers opportunities to have their works exposed in different ways. The MANA website has done just that. It has contained not just works published and paid for but, also, writers' poetry and short stories at no cost to the authors. Also, writers would have opportunities to contribute to a continuing short story. 

Finally, I wanted to give to others. And so, both of my companies have been committed to contributing financial support to different charities that have helped people during major disasters, for example, the tsunami, hurricanes, and during this most current pandemic. 

Thus, I share my story in celebration of March, the month of Women's History. And I celebrate all women who have made their impressions on history. And I encourage other women who have taken a step to make an indelible mark in history to share their story with MANA so that the company may share it with the many visitors of MANA's site. 

To learn more about how to submit a poem or short story for publication on the MANA Sunriser, go HERE to read the post "Submit Your Work During National Women's History Month." 

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