"Just Fix It": A Grandmother's Book Offers Solutions to Today's Problems

Author Martha Freudigman has a lot to say about a wide range of subjects, from the police to religion to texting or using an iPhone when driving. 

Ms. Freudigman is not a politician, an educator, or a driving instructor. She's a grandmother who published her first mystery novels Through the Storms and Through the Storms Again—The Sequel: A Mini-Murder Mystery in her 80s.

Ms. Freudigman takes a different turn in her latest book, Just Fix It: A Few Comments About Life From A Grandmother. Ms. Freudigman gives her opinion on tough issues. In fact, she offers a solution, some of which are “tongue-in-cheek,” to many problems in society and in families today, such as: 

• Executives who commit white-collar crimes and receive golden parachute payments
• Raising children 
• Texting and driving
• The vast amount of money spent during political races
• Manners
• In-laws and other visitors
• Gun control

Some of Freudigman’s recommendations will put a smile on your face or have you laughing out loud. For example, Freudigman gives her opinion on what voters should do when at the voting booth:

Every ballot needs to have, listed under the regular Democrat, Republican, etc. this category—NONE OF THE ABOVE—and a blank line to enter the name of someone sensible.

Here’s Freudigman’s recommendation to control spending for political campaigns: 

No candidates can be allowed to spend more than $25,000 for the entire race—no pacts no lobbies—nothing else. Period. That way we can get some honest people running for office.

Freudigman believes federal politicians should not get special perks when it comes to healthcare:

We need an amendment to abolish free health insurance, free hospitalization, free retirement for the rest of the life of the politician. They are supposed to be working for us, so they can pay just like we do.

Freudigman has a word for teens and texting: 

It pains m
e to see two teenagers walking side by side with their heads down and their thumbs working rapidly on a hand-held gadget. They are texting each other. Has "modern technology" brought our desire to such a low that kids can't even talk to each other anymore? 

You may not agree with all of Ms. Freudigman’s suggestions, but you have to respect the fact that she is passionate about many things. There's no indecisiveness with  Ms. Freudigman, her belief is: "Just Fix It"!

To learn more about Just Fix It: A Few Comments About Life From A Grandmother, go HERE

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