A Q&A With Martha Freudigman, Author of "Through The Storms"

Martha Freudigman welcomes Martha Freudigman, author of Through The Storms, a unique book made up of two stories. One is a fictional murder mystery with all of the twists and turns one would expect. The second story is Ms. Freudigman's autobiography! 

The first part of Through The Storms tells the intriguing story of Marguerite (Maggie) Halloran, a single, "almost" 24 year-old bookstore owner. The store hosted a monthly book club whose members enjoyed reading murder mysteries. 
Little did Maggie know what she was in for after purchasing an old Gothic house in which two gruesome murders took place.

In the second part of the book, Ms. Freudigman, shares the challenges she endured in her more than 80 years of living. Readers will enjoy both stories in this page-turning, fast-paced, book that will keep them engaged from start to finish. 

Following up where the first mystery left off, Ms. Freudigman has written, Through The Storms Again—The Sequel: A Mini-Murder Mystery. The book begins with two murderers escaping law enforcement. These felons and their henchmen terrorize the citizens of the small town of Lincoln.

MANA: Would you please describe to readers what Through The Storms is all about? 
Martha Freudigman: It is a fictional murder mystery with lots of twists that make it unusual.

MANA: Without giving anything away, please briefly describe the murder mystery plot. 
Martha Freudigman: Criminals are searching for a large package of herion and the pitfalls in their search.

MANA: The first story in the book is a fictional murder mystery. The second story is your autobiography. Why did you decide to write two stories for one book?
Martha Freudigman: The first is a mini-mystery and my autobiography is not terribly long. So, combining them made sense.

MANA: Does your autobiography tie in with the mystery? 
Martha Freudigman: Not in any manner at all.

MANA: At what point in your life did you realize that you wanted to write? 
Martha Freudigman: In my 70s, I considered writing, but put it off due to a family crisis until age 82 when I wrote (the book).

MANA: Who are your writing influences (writers, books, movies, teachers, family, friends)?
Martha Freudigman: Anyone who heard I was writing a book at my age—that was family and friends—supported me.

MANA: When and where do you write (a certain time of day, a certain place to write)? 
Martha Freudigman: Any time of the day or night. I have a clipboard and pen beside my pillow. I jot down notes that pop into my head during the night..

MANA: What do you want readers to take away from your book? 
Martha Freudigman: I hope they will say, “That nice mystery was written by an 82-year-old lady!"

MANA: Are you working on another project? If so, can you tell us what it is? 
Martha Freudigman: I have written a sequel to Through the Storms and another totally unrelated book. They are both written in longhand and waiting to be typed.  

To preview Through The Storms by Martha Freudigman, visit the book's webpage on MANA's website by clicking HERE

To preview Through the Storms Again—The Sequel: A Mini-Murder Mystery, visit the book's webpage on MANA's website by clicking HERE

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