A Soldier's Book of Poetry

U.S. Army Major D. Adrian Massey has a love for his country and a love for writing. The Michigan native and Eastern Michigan University graduate served two tours of duty in Iraq and continues his career in the military. 
Major Massey drew even closer to his pen during his first tour of duty in Iraq. The majority of his book, A Soldier's Poetic Response: A Slice of His Life (Robbie Dean Press, $14.95) was written while stationed in Iraq.
"I am a poet by lifexperience and Army Officer by trade," Massey writes on his blog.
Each of Massey's poem has a different style, tone, and message. His collection of poetry is a fine example of the new poetry of the 21st century--bold, without a pattern, and provocative.

Some of the poems draw on his personal musings, as seen in Carousel
Carousels are filled 
with intricate detail; 
blue colors, red colors, green--all Colors 
Carousels liken unto life: 
Moving Up 
Moving Down
a wonder when observed, 
a joy, even, if you relax and enjoy the ride. 
Listen to that music, 
Hold on to that bar; 
Other poems are obviously influenced by his military experience, such as The Bugle Calls, a tribute to his fallen comrades: 
…Although your journey shortened, a Soldier's soul never dies. 
A flag is folded for you, and the bugle's tone vibrates 
similar to your spirit in the air; in never ceases, always plays. 
You are remembered and respected 
as I pray for you, having been a witness 
at the windows of your soul.
Capt. Massey describes his poetry as "edgy," but he makes it very clear that he is committed to the soldiers and serves his country proudly.
As our country's Independence Day observance approaches, may we take time out to reflect on the sacrifices that many have made in the name of freedom. 
For those of you who appreciate the commitment made by our veterans and soldiers on active duty, Capt. Massey's book, A Soldier's Poetic Response: A Slice of His Life, will be a wonderful commemoration. 
About the Author: Adrian Massey was born in Detroit, MI, and raised mostly in Wayne and Inkster, Mi. He graduated from Wayne Memorial High School and earned a degree at Eastern Michigan University. He is married and has a daughter. 
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