March Is National Reading Month. So What Does Grammar Have To Do With It?

March is National Reading Month, the annual event that encourages people of all ages to read a book each day. 

While the yearly celebration is focused primarily on reading, writers can use this time to brush up on their grammar. 

If you're a writer, you're probably wondering why would you want to focus on grammar when the focus of March is on reading? Good question. 

Writing a book that people will actually want to read involves constant exposure to grammar, along with developing elements of a good story, such as setting, characters, and plot. 

However, if you have all the elements of a great story but it's riddled with improper grammar and spelling errors, readers may close your book, put it down, and not open it again. Further, if people see your name on another book, do you think that they would want to read anything else that you write? 

Ways to brush up on your grammar

If you're a writer, chances are you already know the basics of grammar, such as the use of nouns, verbs, and other parts of speech. So, taking a refresher English course may take your grammar skills to the next level. 

The most basic thing you can do to brush up on your grammar is to read. After all, most writers are avid readers. Although reading a book will not give you a technical lesson on grammar, constant reading allows you to learn how different authors weave words together to create their own voice. 

You may also learn more words to add to your vocabulary, something that's essential in order to write effectively. 

MANA Supports Readers and Authors

For the past two decades, (MANA) has supported both readers, new authors, and writers exploring the possibility of becoming authors. MANA provides self-publishing services while MANA's parent company, Robbie Dean Press, is a traditional book publisher. 

If you're interested in finding new books for National Reading Month, MANA's website has books published by MANA's authors and displays original works by poets and short story writers on its blog, "The MANA Sunriser." 

MANA has a special offer for March, which is also Women’s History Month. If you want a time-tested handbook on grammar, take 20-percent off the purchase of Bare Essentials: An English Handbook For Beginner Writers, 19th ed., written by Dr. Fairy Hayes-Scott, owner of Robbie Dean Press and MANA. 

As an added bonus, with the purchase of the hard copy or ebook of Bare Essentials, get any other female-authored book on MANA's website for free. Read our blog post, "MANA Celebrates Women's History Month With A Special Offer" for more details. 

If you're ready to publish a book, MANA has three self-publishing plans to celebrate its 20th anniversary. Visit MANA's website to see all three self-publishing plans. 

March Forward With Reading and Writing

If you haven’t read a book in a while, March is the time to start. Who knows? You may be able to improve your grammar and writing, at the same time, by learning new words, phrases, and idiomatic expressions as you read. It's possible that the next time you write, the words will just flow through you. 

So, why not join others nationwide to celebrate reading? Join a book club, visit your local library, or join a virtual reading party. Or, just find a quiet place, turn off your television or computer, pick up a book or your tablet, and go for it!

Questions? Contact MANA at or call 734-975-0028. 

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