It's Story Time!

Once a month, MANA will offer "Story Time" to highlight two books from its list of publications from its site. 

The storytime includes audio excerpts from the books available for purchase on MANA's website.

V is for Vegetable by Heather Sisto. Are your children learning the alphabet? Well, this book not only teaches them the alphabet but also about healthy vegetables. 

The book goes through every letter of the alphabet and provides a photo image for each vegetable. 

Go HERE to listen to the letters A through G.

Visit the webpage for V is for Vegetable HERE.

The Continuing Adventures of a Middle-Aged Man: The Unsung Hero by Russ Grimes.

This work is for those who are older and those who are "young-at-heart." The main character, Randy Grames is a different kind of superhero: He's a middle-aged man who uses his special powers to save America! And, he also knows how to fly!

Go HERE to listen to an excerpt from the book.

Visit the book's webpage HERE.

Russ Grimes has also written the initial book, Adventures of a Middle-Aged Man. Read the first two chapters of this book on our blog, "The MANA Sunriser."

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