Friday, October 31, 2014

November Is National Novel Writing Month

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Novel Writing Month
Writers from across the globe will begin the tasks tomorrow of writing their fiction novels with the goal of completing them by 11:59 p.m. on November 30.

National Novel Writing Month, which begins on November 1 of  each year, challenges authors to write a 50,000-word fiction novel in 30 days. 

Authors who choose to accept the mission sign-up on NaNoWriMo's website. To encourage the authors to reach their goal on or before November 30, NaNoWriMo will have six published authors to write pep talk letters to mentor these storytellers. The authors include Veronica Roth (The Divergent trilogy), Jim Butcher (The Dresden Files), and Tamora Pierce (The Song of the Lioness). In partnership with We Need Diverse Books, NaNoWriMo is also providing resources to participants interested in writing diverse representation into their novels. 

Questions To Ask While Writing Your Novel

While your focus will primarily remain on your novel, it's important to think about whether or not you want to publish your work.  If you plan to eventually publish your novel, ask yourself these questions as you are writing your novel:  

Friday, October 17, 2014

Presenting Podcast of Poet Elesia K. Powell, MANA's 2014 Poetry Contest Winner

Elesia K. Powell Is MANA's 2014 Passion For Poetry Poet Contest winner. For winning the Passion For Poetry Poet Contest.  MANA published her work titled, Sweet Ache: Poetry of the Soul. To find out more about Ms. Powell, read a Q&A with Ms. Powell on our blog. 

Ms. Powell recently gave a lecture at Mott Community College in Flint, Michigan. We posted a recording of her presentation that we hope you will enjoy. Ms. Powell's quotation of the poem, Sacrifice/For the Fallen-And those that die tomorrow comes 17 minutes and 7 seconds (17:07) into her lecture. 

Sacrifice/For the Fallen-And those that die tomorrow
Elesia Powell
Surge the wave of murderous intent. Genocide/Homicide coupled with the hunt for your head. Skittle carrying N]]]]]]] disturbing the peace.-Travon Martin-Rampant Johnsons’ swinging in white chicks.-Oscar Grant-Mongrel makers of the common sort.-Eric Garner-Sick to death of your poor black/rich black-Nicholas Heyward Jr.-ignorant/educated black. Why are you still here?- Look at the teeth on that beast.-Patrick Moses Donismond-He’ll sell for a mighty price.-Amadou Diallo-Call for the Patty Rollers(Patrolers) my boy got away.-Malcolm Fergurson-Two days labor lost, cotton rotten on the vine. -Ousmane Zongo-Make me a buck when I get him back.-Tim Stansbury-Never mind, I’ll breed em’ myself.-Sean Bell- Spit in your cup, sooner than pick you up. Want you under my feet where you belong.-Romarley Graham-Poking out your black chest.-Tamon Robinson-Don’t you dare lift your eyes to look at me.-Kimani Grey-I’ll lock you up and swallow the key.-Kendrick Johnson-Now, pay me for your labor.-Jordan Davis-You lazy brute.-James Byrd-Too docile to ever conquer me. Have/will crush the head of your unborn/born seed.-Gang/Bang-Bang-Thank god for Thug life. Go and sing your songs. Carry your signs. March a march-Garrick Hopkins-and march a march again.-Carl Hopkins Jr.- I still own you. Mind my mind and coon to my tune/toon, or watch me tax your black/you better ask somebody. Hire you out to war- fields and shoot you in the back. Your righteous indignation fazes me not. I prey, and watch you pray, as I devour your offspring.-Timothy Russell, Ervin Jefferson, Orlando Barlow, Arron Campbell, Victor Steen, Steven Eugene Washington, Alonso Ashley, Wendel Allen, Travares McGill, John Crawford III, Mike Brown…Et al.

Click on the title of the book to preview, Sweet Ache: Poetry of the Soul

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Bowker Report: Self-Publishing Continues to Grow In The United States

Writers have more publishing options today than ever before. There was once a time when writers sent their manuscripts to large publishing houses in hopes that the company would publish their inaugural novel. While this remains true to a certain extent today, more writers are choosing to self-publish their own works than face possible rejection from large publishing companies. 
A new analysis of U.S. ISBN data by Bowker, the official ISBN Agency for the United States and its territories and Australia, shows that the number of self-published titles in 2013 increased to more than 458,564, up 17 percent over 2012 and 437 percent over 2008. Print titles were up a very strong 29 percent over 2012, indicating the format’s continuing relevance to self-publishers. While self-publishing continues to grow, the pace appears to be normalizing after several explosive years.
Beat Barblan, Bowker Director of Identifier Services, said the company's "general conclusion is that self-publishing is beginning to mature. While it continues to be a force to be reckoned with, it is evolving from a frantic, wild-west style space to a more serious business. The market is stabilizing as the trend of self-publisher as business-owner, rather than writer only, continues."
Bowker's analysis also found that print books have strong value to self-published authors and help authors to read a broader audience, often through independent bookstores. Publishers,   media companies and individual authors have also set up online bookstores to specifically promote and sell their books on the Internet.