Sunday, May 21, 2017

MANA Author Doris Zarzycki Returns With New Release!

Doris Zarzycki entered the publishing world in January 2014 with her debut book, God's Gift To Me, I Share With You–Book One, which contains more than 150 inspirational essays and poems about every facet of life (Click HERE to read a blog post about Book One) 

Now, Ms. Zarzycki is back with her second release, God's Gift To Me, I Share With You–Book Two. In her latest work, Ms. Zarzycki shares her wisdom through a collection of over 220 prose and poems for anyone who needs to make sense of this world and chooses to thrive nonetheless. It is evident that Ms. Zarzycki has done a lot of soul searching and is now confident in herself and works to inspire others.

“This has been a journey of inspiration I wasn’t aware I was taking,” says Ms. Zarzycki, a wife, mother, grandmother, and great-grandmother who has seen and traveled many roads of life. “When I realized all the thoughts I had put on paper had accumulated into something that I wanted to share, I sat down and put two books together. Now, this is the completion of several years of meeting so many people along my journey of inspirations.”

In the introduction of her God's Gift To Me, I Share With You–Book Two, Ms. Zarzycki explains that she was 50 years old when she started to like herself. She tells her readers that they do not have to wait until that age to learn to like themselves. She hopes that her book will help lead readers to their own self-discovery:

Monday, May 1, 2017

MANA Continues Its 15th Anniversary Celebration With Special Self-Publishing Offers! (MANA) continues its 15th year anniversary celebration with two May Special Self-Publishing Offers! 


If you make a $600 down payment, MANA will match a written estimate of a competing self-publishing plan or a written estimate of 
a  competing self-publishing company. On top of that, MANA will offer you a 10 percent discount! And, if MANA cannot match the offer, then, we will send you a check for $50. 

You will have a reasonable installment payment plan for twelve (12) months to pay for the remaining balance. Additionally, MANA pays 70 percent royalty for every book purchased through MANA’s website. There are two exceptions in the plan:

1. MANA does not promise to place your books into bookstores.

2. MANA does not promise to accept all manuscripts submitted. MANA sends all manuscripts to its Review Board. Only quality works are published by MANA. MANA wants quality work more than just the money.

Want to know more? Then, contact MANA at