Monday, June 27, 2016

So, What's the Plan?

When it comes to writing books, there’s so much to focus on, such as coming up with a story idea, developing the plot, and creating characters, just to name a few things. However, there’s one important feature writers sometimes overlook but is crucial to the success of a book, and that is having a plan for the book.

So, why is a plan important? Simply put, a plan helps writers with organizing their book. A book plan is similar to designing a building. Architects, for instance, ask their clients how large a house they want to build, how many rooms, and how much space they would like to have in each room.  Similarly, writers need to make several determinations before they start writing or “building” their book. 

Dr. Willard Grosvenor Bleyer, an author and journalism professor in the early 1900s, wrote extensively about how to plan newspaper articles and books. What’s so amazing is that even though Dr. Bleyer produced his works over 100 years ago, the points he makes about writing are still relevant today! According to Dr. Bleyer, writers need to consider: