Saturday, April 4, 2015

April is National Poetry Month

National Poetry Month is the largest literary celebration in the world. 

Established by the American Academy of American Poets, the month-long celebration is designed to bring the public's awareness to the art of poetry. 

The goals of National Poetry Month include:

• Encourage the reading of poems

• Assist teachers in bringing poetry into their classrooms

• Encourage increased publication, distribution, and sales of poetry books

• Encourage support for poets and poetry

There are many ways to celebrate National Poetry Month and the Academy of American Poets has created a list of 30 Ways to Celebrate the month. To view the list, click HERE:

In celebration of the annual event, MANA plans to blog examples of poetry written by MANA authors, including: 

•  A Collection of Prayers Of An Alpha Man by Clarence C. Straham Sr. 

A Soldier's Poetic Response: A Slice of His Life by Captain Adrian D. Massey

Della's Writings, A Senior Citizen's Poetry and Short Stories by Della Frye 

In His Name: A Collection of Prayers by Clarence C. Straham Sr.

• Meta-tations: A Book of Mental Meanderings by Dr. Jerry L. Curtis

Poems of the Spirit: In God's Hands by Shirley Barnett

Simply: A Collection of Poetry by Jessyca Mathews

Sweet Ache: Poetry of the Soul by Elesia K. Powell

Start your celebration today of National Poetry Month by reading a poem!

For more information about National Poetry Month, visit The Academy of American Poets' web site HERE: