Tuesday, March 24, 2015

March is National Reading Month

Each year, schools, libraries and other organizations across the country participate in various activities to celebrate national reading month. Spearheaded by the National Education Association, National Reading Month is designed to get kids – as well as adults – to celebrate reading.

The month usually kicks off with schools around the country celebrating the birthday of Ted Geisel, (March 2, 1904-September 24, 1991) better known as Dr. Seuss, by reading his books on March 2. The NEA encourages parents and teachers to motivate kids to read books throughout the entire month.

We at MANA, believe any time is a good time to read. So, we invite you to explore MANA's bookstore where you'll find a number of children's books that you child might enjoy, such as:

V is for Vegetable by Heather Sisto
Heather Sisto, a professor at Mott Community College in Flint, Michigan, who teaches writing, literature and storytelling is the author of  V is for Vegetable, a book for parents and teachers to help children learn the alphabet. Professor Sisto, who is also a photographer, displays her photography skills throughout the colorful picture book. 

Sweet Dreams, Dakota by Kaitlyn McClain 
Sweet Dreams, Dakota is a good read for fifth to eighth grade students who are making transitions in their lives. Whether it's going to a new school or living with a new family, parents can use this book to help their children navigate through changes occurring their their lives. 

Marvin's Lump by Jennifer Weil
Marvin's Lump is a book for 7-11-year old children. It is a good work that uses text and illustrations to teach the importance of believing in one's ability to overcome any obstacle.

There's so much more available. Visit the children's books page MANA website and see for yourself!