Monday, March 17, 2014

Richard Rose Among Winners of Southwest Book Festival

MANA contest winner, Richard Rose, was one of several winners in the 2014 Great Southwest Book Festival. Mr. Rose won in the Complications/Anthologies category for his book: Did You Ever Try To Melt A Lemon Drop? And Other Tales of Life Seen Through Rose-Colored Glasses.

Mr. Rose was the First Prize winner of MANA's 2013 Sunrise Writer's Contest for the same work. 

Mr. Rose has been writing for over 70 years. Rose  was a journalist while in the Navy and spent 18 years working in public relations, writing news releases, feature stories, and speeches for admirals. While in Vietnam, he shepherded Navy  journalists, photographers, and photo journalist school graduates. Rose spent time in the Mekong Delta, writing feature stories on various Navy units. He earned bachelor's and master's degrees in English after retiring from the Navy. 

The festival's 2014 Grand Prize Winner was Mike Tapscott's Homeless Hero, which explores the history of and features interview with current homeless people. 

Mr. Tapscott, Mr. Rose and other winners will be honored at a private ceremony on March 22 at the Roosevelt Hotel in Hollywood, California. 

The 2014 Great Southwest Book Festival is sponsored by the JM Northern Media LLC of Hollywood, California. 

MANA congratulates Mr. Rose for his win in the festival. To preview or purchase, Did You Ever Try to Melt A Lemon Drop? And Other Tales of Life Seen Through Rose-Colored Glasses, go to