Monday, July 22, 2013

Yes, You Should Judge A Book By Its Cover

There's a saying that goes, "You can't judge a book by its cover." When it comes to a books, however, readers may leave the book on the shelf if the cover does not get their attention. 

Book covers are an important feature in the publishing process. Many times, authors are so focused on writing, that they do not give any thought to their cover until they have completed their manuscript.  Cover design should be considered even before writing begins. Not all authors will have ideas for book covers, which is why it is important to contact an artist or graphic designer who can create covers for them. 

MANA spoke with Bryant Messer, owner of Dreams and Visions, a graphic arts company, about the importance of designing attractive book covers: 

MANA: How important is it to have an attractive book cover?

Bryant Messer: Well, for me, it's what peaks my interest. If it catches my eye, I'll be more likely to pick the book up to see what it is about.

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Divine Feeling of Reading Books

By Kiriti Chandan Chavadi 

Reading Books has long been listed in the list of hobbies by millions of people in their resumes. It is considered to be amongst the top 3 Hobbies in the world. This proves that people love to read books and when there is a passion for something, it grows into a habit and thus the love for reading books has been a favorite for lots of Book lovers.

The human mind is a very large computer with such huge capacity that it needs huge loads of knowledge to digest and people who are interested in reading books are a happy lot to get their mind satisfied to some extent. Various people have different tastes and likings in their choice of reading books. Some may like fiction; others may be interested in non fiction or real time stories, autobiographies or spiritual books. There is a vast ocean of knowledge in any kind of book one may choose and Books have always been a man's best friend in happiness or sorrow.

Numerous researches have taken place to find out if there is any valuable or positive thing associated with reading books of his choice (fiction) not necessarily related to his work. This has now been proved that reading books is definitely a good choice as it helps the brain to relax and in some part of the brain it has also shown several improvements in the thinking pattern of the person as he reads the book which helps to integrate with his work culture and his leisure boosting his capacity to the maximum benefit. And this may be one reason why people would spend hours together on a novel and hardly 10 minutes on the Economics Text book.