Thursday, February 28, 2013

"Simply" Debuts Today!

Introducing: Simply: A Collection of Poetry, a poetic work by Jessyca Mathews, 2013 MANA Passion for Poetry Winner:  

Simply: A Collection of Poetry covers all themes. This variety of poetry appeals to the "children in an adult," reflecting on special memories one will always hold dear. And there are poems that address the circumstances that adults experience.

Simply: A Collection of Poetry, was featured in a previous MANA Sunriser blog post where we mentioned how Mathews fulfilled her dream of becoming published.

Mathews's work runs the gamut of emotion, from sadness, exhibited in the piece, "Darkness," ("It's the feeling of isolation/ Where memories are stalled, when no one is there to help you/ It's worse when the darkness fall.") to sheer happiness as in "Superhero Fun Run"("I'm enjoying being a child again./ I want to think I can fly.").

Review: "I do not have to be an expert in literature to understand what this woman's poems are saying. The title is perfect; they are simply, clearly expressed beautiful works about different aspects of life."

Poem:   Simply

It's simply this,
You don't respect me.
We've gone in circles, playing childish games

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Saturday, February 23, 2013

Romance Novelists and Poets, MANA MONDAY is Here!

For romance novelists and poets receive a special offer today on MANA MONDAY.

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Take advantage of MANA MONDAY today and watch your work come to life.

To submit your work via e-mail, contact MANA at or call us at 734-975-0028.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

A Call for Entries to MANA's Winter Writer's Contest

Have you submitted your entry to the MANA 2013 Winter Writer's Contest?

You can submit as many poems or short stories as you would like. However, each submission must be accompanied by the $5 entry free. Each entry must be no more than 3, 000 words and must be a Word or pdf file.

The writer of the best poem and the best short story will have their work depicted on the cover of the publication. Also, MANA will award $50 for the best poem and $50 for the best short story submission. Deadline for entries is 11:59 p.m. PDT on March 10, 2013.

It's not too late to take action!

Saturday, February 16, 2013

MANA's Poetry Winner Fulfills Her Dream of Being Published

Jessyca Mathews had one goal in mind since elementary school: To become a well-known author. 

Mathews, now a high school teacher, is on her way to fulfilling her goal now that she has won  MANA's Passion for Poetry Poet's Contest. For winning the contest, MANA will publish her book Simply: A Collection of Poetry, is scheduled for release at the end of the month. 
In addition to the poetry contest, MANA also sponsored The MANA Sunrise Writer's Contest. Authors Richard S. Rose and Carrie Mattern won first and second prize, respectively. 
In a question-and-answer interview with MANA, Mathews says she developed a love for poetry as a young girl, thanks to her mother. 
"She was the one who always had me to read when I was young," Mathews says. "She always gave me poetry books to read, especially African-American writers."
Mathews began writing poetry in high school. 
"There was a literary magazine, The Calliope, that was published for the students and staff," Mathews continues. "I decided to send in some of my work senior year, and ended up winning the writing award for the senior class. From that point on, I wrote poetry whenever the mood struck me."
When it comes to choosing her favorite poem, Mathews finds it "way too difficult"!

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

A Call For Entries to the MANA Winter Writer's Contest

If you've always wanted to see your work in print, has the opportunity for you through the MANA 2013 Winter Writer's Contest.

Poets and short story writers can submit as many entries as they would like. However, each submission must be accompanied by the $5 entry free. For every entry you submit, you will retain your copyright.

Writers whose work is accepted will received the following:

•Press releases sent to their communities

•Marketing for the next year of their work in MANA's newsletters

•Consideration for submission in a MANA publication titled, MANA's Best Poems and Short Stories of 2013.

The writer of the best poem and the best short story will have their work depicted on the cover of the publication. Also, MANA will award $50 for the best poem and $50 for the best short story submission.

The 3rd Issue of THE MANA SUNSET is here! is proud to introduce the winners of the 2013 Writers Contest. This contest occurred in Fall 2012. 

These authors submitted their manuscripts. The prizes were to have their works published. 
In a question-and-answer section in the newsletter, these award-winning writers share what motivated them to become writers and more. Also, an already published author participates in an interview, too. 

This February issue is definitely the one for all who want to become published writers and is valuable for those who are already published writers. 

To read the newsletter, click on the title: The MANA SUNSET

Thursday, February 7, 2013

MANA Celebrates Black History Month and Diversity in Literature (MANA) recognizes Black History Month by saluting African American authors who have self-published with MANA and its parent company, Robbie Dean Press. 

The books written by our African American authors include:

In addition to our African American authors, MANA is proud to represent works by authors who are of different linguistic and cultural backgrounds. Examples of other books offered by MANA written by Latino and Asian writers include: 

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Thank You For Your Contributions to The MANA Short Story

The MANA Short Story, which began Nov. 1, 2012, has officially ended and we want to thank everyone who contributed their creativity to developing this story. 

Contributors to the MANA Short Story on the blog helped MANA to donate money to the American Red Cross to assist people challenged by Hurricane Sandy. There were more than 80 contributions, the highest number MANA has every had on its blog for one post. To view the MANA Short Story, visit

The hurricane was reportedly the biggest U.S. disaster response that the American Red Cross had in more than five years.

While the continuing clean-up efforts from Superstorm Sandy have not been reported much in the media in recent months, storm survivors are still in need of help. Please keep them in your thoughts and prayers. 

Thank you again for your support. 

P.S.: Keep an eye out for the next MANA Short Story on our blog.