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Welcome to the First Issue of THE MANA SUNSET (MANA) is a company that provides more than publishing, marketing and distribution services for authors and small publishers. 

MANA represents different authors and small publishers' publications on its web site. And now, this newsletter is an added service that MANA will provide for people who love to write and read good writing.

MANA is focused on helping good writers become better. Also, it wants to give newly published authors an avenue to expose their work. THE MANA SUNSET will serve this purpose at no cost to anyone who reads it.

THE MANA SUNSET will come out six times a year––October, December, February, April, June, and August. A paid internship for college journalism majors to set up and edit next year's issues will be available. Contact MANA for more details at or call 734-975-0028.


Banned From Being Distributed in France

Contains Provocative Information for Parents who Fear Child Indoctrination 

The Real Reason for the War on Terror

Robin de Ruiter and Fritz Springmeier have done their homework. Published by Amsterdam-based Mayra Publications, this book demonstrates more than unfounded theories. This books shows there is a group of "the privileged chosen" that is focused on controlling the world's fate. John Kennedy's death did not just occur. 911 did not just happen because of some Al-Qaeda terrorists.

The thoroughly documented details force every reader to reconsider several historical events that have had political implications. Worldwide Evil and Misery: The Legacy of the 13 Satanic Bloodlines answer the major question, Yes, a conspiracy does exist! The "privileged chosen" has a long-standing plan, and this work documents it. Worldwide Evil and Misery shows the power of research. This is a work for those who respect the power of the written word. Available in English and Spanish. To order the book, go to


Professor Gregory Shafer writers: "Facing the blank page is perhaps the most intimidating part of writing. With a flurry of ideas blowing chaotically in our heads, it is amazing that anything ever gets written. The key to starting the writing process and avoiding what has become as writer's block is to remember that writing is very much like planting seeds. Each time we write paragraphs, we lay down another set of ideas that help us to generate other ideas. The process is organic and self-perpetuating. 

The key is to write so that you have something upon which to build. Each paragraph we pen is filled with a direction, with a life of its own. And while some of these ideas will never flower, others will take root and become the first draft of our paper. So, I keep a pad of paper close and free write while I eat breakfast or while I'm relaxing...

The first step, then, is to ask yourself what it is you want to say to your audience. You could, for instance, reflect on the terrible absence of morals in society by describing a mugging and providing images of the people who are too busy to help or intercede. If such a description is effective, you'll never have to say a thing about the ignominy of the event, since it will all be obvious. Your description will do your talking for you."

To order the book, go to


Russ Grimes at a book signing

As a child, Russ Grimes always enjoyed fantasies and stories of adventures. These genres gave him the basis for his work. He wanted to write a story that children could enjoy. He wanted to give children a superhero who could be a real person, a loving father and a husband who happens to gain super powers. This was the basis for his writing of The Adventures of a Middle-Aged Man. He plans to write a sequel to this book by 2013. To find out more information about 
this book, go to: 


Grammar is personal. As one gets older, in many cases any correction is not taken well. This newsletter is for all writers at every level of skills. So, this section should be relevant to some of you as budding writers or experienced writers who have a hidden fear of hoping the grammar check on the computer does not fail you.

Why do you writer "have come" or "have gone" or "have seen" and not "have came" or "have went" or "have saw"?

Did you know that "have" is a helping verb that can be used with only one group of verbs? That group is Group 4.

The four main verb groups are:

Group 1    come          go           see
Group 2    came         went        saw
Group 3    coming      going      seeing
Group 4    come         gone       seen

The Group 2 main form of a verb never has any helping verb before it. Yet, Group 4 main verbs MUST have a helping verb before it:

has, have, had, is, am, was, were, be

So, for the Standard English dialect, this is why "have come," "have gone," and "have seen" are correct. Although the work will be in the passive voice (we can discuss this in the next issues), "is come," "is gone," and "is seen" are correct, too.


Marion Cornett moved into the bedroom community of Fowlerville, MI, and became fascinated with its history. Her interest for this community prompted her to write her first book title, The Fowlerville Chronicles. This book showed how a small group of settlers persevered through so much to build this enclave that is about 90 miles west of Detroit.  Find out more about the book at

Through the Eyes of a Country Editor: The Life and Writings of G.L. Adams, Editor of the Fowlerville Review, 1974-1929 showed the experiences of a young journalist as he chronicled the birth of Fowlerville. He kept a record of the fires, births, deaths, inventions, and so much more. Adams demonstrated why a journalist was and is so very important for any community. This work should appeal to historians and journalists and journalism students.

Cornett had a purpose for both books. Even more important, she had passion. Those are two key ingredients to become a writer of fact or fiction. Interested in her works? Read more at:


Upon receiving recommendation letters, a writing sample and a transcript, MANA will choose an applicant to set up and edit one of the remaining issues. His/her creativity in the layout of this newsletter and the content will determine the finalist.

At the end of the summer, MANA will designate the journalism student whose issue of THE MANA SUNSET is the best. The editor of that issue will receive a paid internship for the 2013-2014 issues of THE MANA SUNSET. For more details, email MANA at


(Submissions to "The MANA Passion for Poetry Poets' Contest" will be chosen to appear in this section of the newsletter)


I am lemonade.

These sour eyes rain
Like lemon juice.
The intensity of each day
Makes my head squeeze.

Lemonade am I.


After a sumptuous Chinese meal
her stomach full and pleasantly
the bill is paid.
The cashier hands off the receipt
on a little black tray:
two peppermints and fortune
Cracked cookie still in plastic,
opened just enough to get out its little
"With every deed you are sowing a
though the harvest you may not


They call us soldiers of fortune,
But we've been
marginally mixed in the madness
of egoism, false pride, and political

I am a poet and a soldier;
I have no fortune.
At this moment I am not sure
whether to bear arms or pen.
7.62 ballpoint is not as piercing as
my Papermate Flex Grip Ultra.

I am lost in this uniform in a
field of green, and camouflaged
from myself.

––Captain Adrian D. Massey
A Soldier's Poetic Response
Book located on MANA's website

In March 2012, MANA used this photo as a prompt to begin the MANA blog story. One writer began the story, and other writers continued it. Here a couple of examples of what was written:

Rex&#39–March 20, 2012 11:47 AM

Off the coast of Florida, George and Allie were basking on their boat. George decided he was going to fish from the back of the boat. Allie noticed that he had gotten up to leave, but decided there was no reason for her to stop him. She simply wasn't worried about anything that he did. After all, she trusted him and was confident that he wouldn't go and hurt himself. Ultimately, she believed him capable of handling anything that he did. Their long-standing relationship, friendship and companionship helped cement this believe into her mind.

nightmare1992––March 21, 2012 3:11 PM

Allie was laying on the front of the boat thinking of what a wonderful life she has with George. Then, she was startled by a noise at the back of the boat.

MANA invites you to read the continuation of this post at

MANA will post a new graphic prompt for a new MANA Blog Story. You can make this an even better continuing story. Keep a look out for the post of Nov. 1.

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Friday, October 5, 2012

Just in Time For Halloween: 2 Pleasantly Scary Stories For Children

Author Winifred Parker
Winifred Parker, author of 2 Pleasantly Scary Stories For Children, enjoyed telling her grandchildren scary tales just as much as they enjoyed listening to them. 

In fact, her grandson, Vince, also asked her to tell him a story. His requests encouraged Ms. Parker to write a book. And, to the delight of her grandchildren, Vince and his sister Julia, Ms. Parker made them characters in her book. 

Ms Parker's book, 2 Pleasantly Scary Stories For Children is a delightfully-told and illustrated work that children ages 6 to 11 would enjoy. The first story innocently with 8-year-old Julia O'Brien and her 14-year-old brother, VInce, walking their dog, Boomer, to a park not too far from their home. 

While enjoying their walk and meeting up with friends, Julia hears a cry for help. Julia, Vince and others came to the aid of a boy, who was sitting along a path in the woods. He told the children: