Saturday, July 28, 2012

A Children's Book on Angels

Young children have a curious mind and sometimes they ask us questions that we really have to think long and hard about before we give them an answer.

One topic youngsters often focus on is angels. "Who are they?" they ask. "Are they with us now?" At times, children will say they actually have seen angels and talked to them.

If you have a child or a grandchild who is captivated by angels, then you will want to read, Soar with the Angels: A Children's Book, by Cecilia R. Telles.

By using questions and answers, Telles explores the topic of angels in a way that children would understand. For instance, in answering the question, "What do angels look like?" Telles writes:

Angels are pure spirits. They have no bodies. Sometimes, God allows them to be seen, and they come to earth to help you. God will allow them to turn into any form in order to help you.

Another question the book answers is: "Are angels smart?" Telles writes:
An angel's intelligence is much greater than ours. Since angels are so close to God, they are filled with His divine light, His knowledge, and His wisdom. With a single look, angels can clearly understand everything.
Adults will also enjoy this charming book, with its colorful illustrations of the celestial beings and insightful answers that should satisfy young minds. 

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Thursday, July 19, 2012

It's The Details, Writers!

Look. Follow. Touch. Listen.

These are the techniques writer and editor Alan Rinzler shares for creating effective details in a story. If you're working on a manuscript, you will want to read his blog post. Click on this title to read the post, It's the details, writers!

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Monday, July 16, 2012

THE MANA SUNSET newsletter debuts in October (MANA) would like to introduce its newest publication: THE MANA SUNSET newletter. The free newsletter for writers will come out six times a year beginning in October 2012.

Writers will be able to ask questions on all facets of writing. MANA staff and authors on the MANA site will answer those questions. There will also be different sections on novels, short stories or poetry and articles highlighting various authors.

New authors will be able to advertise their work in the newsletter. If you or someone you know has published a book, you can purchase an ad to promote your work. Your ad only needs to have a brief description about your book's content (a maximum 50 words), a JPEG graphic of the cover, and the URL link to your book's web site or blog.

In each issue, THE MANA SUNSET will highlight a sponsored book's author in an article.

Individuals who have a product or service that will benefit writers can also purchase an ad.

The cost of the ads are $25 per issue; $65 for three issues; and $120 for all six issues.

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Thursday, July 5, 2012

Book Cover Design Part 2

In the previous post, we mentioned the key factors to consider about book cover designs. In this post, we want to show examples of book covers and how they relate to the content within the book.

Becoming Me Again: A Workbook for Sexually-Abused Kids and Teens by Sharon Ridella-Mehlos, Ph.D. This non-fiction book covers the different types of sexual abuse experienced by children and teenagers. Notice how the artwork projects the book's goal: To help children and teenagers recover from abuse. The yellow sun-lit background represents a new day; the fluttering butterfly and the pose of the figure represents the feeling of freedom.

 Community College English Composition Online Students: Keeping Them Plugged In by Fairy C.  Hayes-Scott, Ph.D. This textbook for college professors addresses the problem of attrition among students who take online English courses. A photograph of a lap top computer (notice on the monitor, the student sitting on the bench) works well on the cover since the book is entirely about students taking online English courses.

Where is Adam? Understanding a Father's Role by Jeff Wheeler. This book deals with a father's role in his family and the call for men to take their rightful place in the home. Notice the illustration summarizes the book's content and the title by placing footprints throughout different sections of the United States in search for "Adam," or a father.
Charlie: The Dog Who Lived The Dream by Charmaine Strangl. In this book aimed at youngsters, Charlie's dream of helping people becomes a reality. His actions also motivate people to care and help others. By using a bubble on this colorful cover, the illustrator shows Charlie having a dream of helping people. 

To Market, To Market by Ivy Higgins. The bold, vivid colors and figures of people walking down the road, presumably to the market, depict the small Jamaican village where the main character, Calvin-Joe lives and where much of the story takes place.

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Book Cover Design: A Key Factor in the Self-Publishing Process

When writers set out to publish their manuscripts, designing a book cover is typically not on their to-do list. Once the manuscript is completed, writers breathe a sign of relief, thinking that all of the work that goes into self-publishing a book is all done. What writers do not realize is that the cover of their book is just as important as the content of their book. 

A book cover displays in images and text, what a book is all about. A well-designed front cover can capture readers' attention and motivate them to purchase the book. A well-written back cover, that includes a brief biography, tells the reader who you are and provides a synopsis of your book. 

If you are considering self-publishing a book, here are a few factors to consider about book cover designs: