Tuesday, March 13, 2012


Be a part of something bigger than yourself! MarketingNewAuthors.com (MANA) invites every visitor of this blog to contribute to this continuous story on this blog. MANA is very interested in any person who loves to write. If you love to write, and this does not cost anyone a dime, MANA wants to give every visitor an opportunity to enjoy writing without feeling any pressure. Will you add to this "literary journey"? As a MANA Blog visitor, post—be a contributor, be a part of this journey. Age is not a criterion. The only "requirements" are that every post is a minimum of five sentences and you love to write. What should occur?

The first person to post is to use the photo in this blog as a catalyst for his/her beginning storyline for "The MANA Blog Short Story."

Then, MANA invites others to add to that first post to make a second, a third, fourth, fifth, etc. Let us see how long this short story continues. Each post should expand on the previous posting.

One of the main purposes of this journey is to encourage the joy of being a part of a writing journey. And it should be interesting to determine who else joins. So after every post, please sign one's first name and state or country. Indeed, MANA invites a wide range of people of different ages, from different states, and from different

countries to join. Yes, be a part of a journey that is bigger than yourself.

Who will be first? Post now!