Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Adiós Tercer Mundo--A Travel Book only in Español

This book is only in Spanish.

Este libro es un compendio de la conocida serie de videos de Youtube “Cultura Holandesa” de Andrea Viveros y Mildred Troconis.

Aunque las escritoras de este libro relatan entre otras, sus experiencias de adaptación en Holanda, estas vivencias pueden relacionarse con el síndrome del extranjero en el primer mundo. Holanda es uno de los países más ricos del planeta. Su economía es la más fuerte y mejor estructurada de la Comunidad Europea. Sus leyes sociales han sido tomadas de ejemplo sin éxito en otras naciones y son la envidia de sus propios países colegas de la Unión Europea y Estados Unidos.

Debido a esto muchos extranjeros que vienen en busca de fortuna ó dinero fácil han invadido el país. Todo con el afán de exprimir estas leyes sociales únicas en el mundo.

Este libro es el fruto de una mixtura de sueños y quimeras, amor y desamor, ilusiones y decepciones de dos valientes mujeres que enfrentaron todo por amor. Es una obra crítica y sarcástica de las sociedades desarrolladas, vista con el inigualable y único sentido del humor que caracteriza al latinoamericano, cuyo temperamento alegre, extrovertido y optimista crean un verdadero choque cultural con las sociedades embrutecidas por el poder y el desarrollo.

About the Book (An English-Translated Synopsis)

The English translation for the title is Goodbye to the Third World. It is a book especially for Latinas interested in emigrating to Holland. Its subtitle “El precio por enamorarse de un Principe Azul del Primer Mundo (The Price of Becoming Enamored with the Blue Principle of the First World) suggests some of the challenges for Latinas who attempt to make this transition. This work reviews the customs and laws of Holland while considering the more mundane subjects of weather, shopping, going on vacation, for example. And humor is a very pleasant part of this work.


Post-Colonial Composition Pedagogy: Using the Cultures of Marginalized Students to Teach Writing, edited by Monique Leslie Akassi, Ph.D., is a is a ground-breaking collection of essays that addresses and challenges every teacher of English composition who is committed to preventing the development of a cultural underclass of English language writers.

Three of its contributors will be presenting at the College of Language Association conference in Atlanta, GA. The dates are March 28-31 at the Hyatt Regency in Atlanta. Dr. Akassi (Virginia Union University) will be chairing the panel, entitled: "In the Spirit of Sankofa--Towards A Rhetoric of Postcolonial Composition Pedagogy: A Movement Towards (De-)Alienating Black Students in Academia." The contributors who will be presenting are: Paula Ashe of Ivy Tech Community College (IN), Kimberly Collins of Morgan State University (MD), and Kami Fletcher of Baltimore County Community College (MD).

For more information about attending the College of Language Association conference, visit the convention page on the CLA website by clicking here.

For more information about Post-Colonial Pedagogy, visit the book's page on the website by clicking here.

Monday, February 27, 2012


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Thursday, February 16, 2012

BOOK SIGNING: Where is Adam? on March 29, 2012

To celebrate and promote Jeffrey Wheeler's incisive new treatise on fatherhood, Where is Adam?, will sponsor a book signing at the Holiday Inn Express in Flint, MI, home of the author, on March 29, from 5:00pm to 7:00pm. And in the spirit of MANA, a significant percentage will be donated to a scholarship fund for male students who attend Mott Community College, one of the top ten community colleges in the country, and winner of the Aspen Institute Award in 2011.

WHAT: Book signing of Where is Adam? Understanding a Father's Role
WHEN: Thursday, March 29, 2012; 5:00pm - 7:00pm
WHERE: Holiday Inn Express, 1150 Robert T Longway Boulevard, Flint, MI (for directions, click here)

For more information about Where is Adam?, visit the website by clicking here.

COMING SOON: Where is Adam?

Where is Adam? Understanding a Father's Role by Jeff Wheeler is a work that is for every organization and mentor who is committed to helping men "man up" and take on their responsibilities as fathers. Unfortunately, men of different races and social classes have left their children to be raised by only their mothers or other family members. This work is also an excellent resource for single mothers, married mothers, and grandparents. It will helps reader find Adam and keep him home to take on his responsibility as a father.

For more information about Where is Adam?, visit the website by clicking here.

COMING SOON: Unveiled: The Protocols of the Elders of Zion

Is there a conspiracy by a New World Order to control the body politic?

"There are powers at work about which we have no knowledge" (Queen Elizabeth II).

"We are opposed around the world by a monolithic ruthless conspiracy" (John F. Kennedy).

To what were they referring? Unveiled, like its sister work, Worldwide Evil & Misery, goes into more depth. The author of this work, Robin de Ruiter, is one of the most published Dutch authors. He is well-known in Latin America and Europe. His book the Hidden Power behind the Terrorist Attacks of 9/11 was awarded the 2005 Frontier Award. Worldwide Evil and Misery is one of his more recent publications that looks at the political power brokers and how they have shaped some of the events that have occurred in this world. This includes the assassination of the Kennedys as well as 9/11. De Ruiter continues to demonstrate his unequaled understanding of geopolitics.

For more information about Unveiled, visit the website by clicking here.