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Max wasn’t quite sure how to take being rejected. He really wanted to be in the pack, but the pack wouldn’t let him join. It was something about “being a dog” and not “having enough fighting skill.”

Well, he would show them. His plan was to challenge those pack of wolves to a fight. Not the whole pack of course, just the Omega. 

Max stepped carefully through the woods as these thoughts ran through his head. His golden fur shone in the moonlight, and his green eyes shimmered as he trod his way to the pack’s home base. 

One of the wolves standing guard for the night issued a warning growl. Wolf eyes flashed dangerously at Max. 

“Don’t step a paw closer,” the wolf threatened. “What do you want, dog?” 

Having a flash of fearlessness, Max stepped forward and whispered, “To challenge your Omega.” 

The guard wolf narrowed his eyes and whipped around. “Follow me then,” the wolf said evenly over his shoulder. 

A five-minute walk deeper into the woods was all it took to get to the camp. 

“Alpha,” the guard called out to a group of sleeping lumps near the base of a tree. “The dog is back, and he wants to challenge.” 

The Alpha stood up from the mass of the dozing canis lupus. He stood a foot taller than the guard with blood red eyes. 

“Is that so?” Alpha sneered. “You want to try to take on Omega? He may be old, but he’ll still kill you before you can blink.” 

The other wolves started to get up, seeing what was happening. Max became angry at Alpha’s rudeness. 

“No, I want to challenge you, Alpha,” Max shot back. Alpha howled with laughter at that, and the other wolves joined in. 

“You can laugh all you want but I’ll be the one laughing after the fight is done.”

To be continued

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