Inspire and Motivate People With Your Writing

Writers usually have someone or something that inspires them to write. And, writing under this inspiration can result in readers being motivated to take on a challenge, embark on a new opportunity, or get their own creative juices flowing. 

If your blog posts, essays, or articles garner positive reactions from your families, friends, or dedicated readers, then you may want to consider creating more inspirational work. 

You may ask, "Why the inspirational niche?" For one, people are overwhelmed with the complexities of daily life and need something—or someone—to turn to for advice, emotional support, and encouragement.  Inspirational writers motivate their readers to take positive action, make changes in their lives, and give them hope that they can endure whatever difficulties they may be experiencing. 

One of the best examples of inspirational writing is the popular Chicken Soup for the Soul series created by Mark Victor Hansen and Jack Canfield. After relaying their personal stories to their audiences and encouraging them to focus on self-improvement and wellness, the two motivational speakers decided to put their stories, and those of others, into a book. The Chicken Soup for the Soul series has sold millions of books which shows that readers enjoy their inspirational work. 

An Important Factor in Inspirational Writing

The key to inspirational writing is keeping the focus on your reader, and not entirely on yourself. Now having said that, it is necessary to provide details about your own personal experiences and what you have learned from your particular situations. 

However, you can't stop there; you have to inspire your readers to take the next step as you did in order for a change to happen.

The next step could be changing their way of life or changing their way of thinking in order to improve their life or overcome a challenging situation. 

3 Tips on Inspirational Writing

If you're interested in inspirational writing, here are 3 tips to keep in mind: 

1. Keep it Practical. Make sure you use information and topics to which readers can relate. For instance, if you are writing to individuals who have lost a loved one, avoid using trite sayings and clich├ęs. Make sure your content is believable, realistic, and uplifting. 

2. Keep it focused. Your inspirational message should get to the point fairly quickly. Remember that people scan articles and stories for the most important points. If you bog down your story with too many unnecessary details, readers will lose interest and stop reading altogether. However, you have more latitude with the length of your stories if you're writing a book.  

3. Keep it compelling. To maintain your readers' attention, stress the most interesting and extraordinary parts of your story. Discuss the dilemma you (or someone else) faced, the decision that was made, the outcome, and the lesson learned from it all. This will move your story along and keep your readers engaged. 

By keeping these tips in mind and new ones you will discover as you write, you can produce a wealth of material that will inspire, comfort, and motivate your readers for years to come. 

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