Are You Ready to Self-Publish Your Book? Then MANA Can Help!

Publishing a book goes beyond writing your manuscript. The next step is formatting your book and designing an eye-catching book cover. 

This may be something you can do on your own if you have software that allows you to lay out your book and create your front and back covers. 

However, if you do not have software and you've never done this before, the process can get pretty frustrating. (MANA) can provide a professional layout for your book at an affordable cost. With your layout, you can choose to have MANA publish your work or another company, or you can publish the work yourself. The layout services MANA provides include:

  • Consultation
  • Art Work
  • Cover Designs
  • Customized Document Layout
  • Printing  

The cost of MANA's services will be based on the type of services you need and the number of words in your manuscript. MANA also offers a number of other services to take advantage of, if you so choose. MANA can tailor a package based on your budget and the services you would want MANA to provide.

While you can lay out your document and design your book covers without expensive software, don’t be surprised if it takes many tries before you can produce satisfactory results.  

A well-designed book is a key factor in the publishing process and is important to readers. Not only must this work be done, but it has to be done well. The same goes for creating a unique book cover. It's true that we judge books by their covers (read our blog post, "Book Cover Design: A Key Factor in the Self-Publishing Process" here). For this reason, it's important that your book sports an eye-catching cover design. 

MANA's partial services plan is perfect if you want your manuscript prepared to go to the next level—only later. 

Interested? Contact MANA via email at or for more information, go HERE to visit MANA's website.

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