Not Seeing Positive Results? Maybe It's Time To Brush Up On Your Grammar

Are you wondering why your book sales are sluggish?  Do you feel crushed when your family or friends no longer want to review your finished manuscripts?

This may cause you to shake your head in wonder, especially if you believe that you have a well-organized story, a riveting plot, and well-developed characters. But, could it be possible that poor grammar is the culprit?

If there’s anything that can turn off a reader, it’s common grammar mistakes. The Internet revolution allowed people to start their own blogs, set up their own websites, and self-publish their own works. 

But, in the process, many writers abandoned the rules of standard English. Unfortunately, the quality of their writing has suffered because of this, and some readers have accepted bad grammar as the norm. To counter this, writers need to express themselves within the rules. 

Writers, therefore, should make it a point to brush up on their grammar. It’s not difficult to do, particularly since there are many free and paid online software programs designed to find grammatical errors.

Besides grammar checker tools, writers can also brush up on their grammar and improve their writing skills simply by reading books similar to those they are writing. You can use new words that they encounter in the story, and discover phrases and idiomatic expressions that are used in the genre. 

Bare Essentials 
If the problem with your poor grammar is actually the result of your lack of English language skills, then taking an online English course may be your answer. Or, you can purchase the e-book, Bare Essentials: An English Handbook for Beginner Writers, 19th ed., an all-encompassing book on English grammar. 

Keep in mind that grammar is a standard that everyone should subscribe to, whether you are a writer, teacher, student, business owner, or in any other walk of life. Good writing and English language skills are essential. 

Readers will not completely dismiss your work when you make one mistake. But, a book peppered with bad grammar and spelling errors can result in the loss of readers and book sales. 

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Keep in mind that good writing and English language skills are essential 

to your future, whether you are a writer, business owner, teacher, or in any other walk of life. 

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