How Are You Feeling? MANA Would Like To Know

By Fairy Hayes-Scott

As owner of, I found it comforting to put my feelings in writing. 

I began my diary at age thirteen and have continued it throughout my life, even after I retired in 2020 from forty-five years of teaching.

My diary was my “comfort place.” Whenever I had happy occurrences to share or not happy ones, I would write them in my “comfort place.” Also, It was a way I could articulate in a concrete manner my feelings to my God. 

Once I became an educator, I encouraged my students to use writing as a way of finding their “comfort place,” regardless of religious faith or none at all. And my students found that writing did, indeed, give them a sort of power over the different circumstances they experienced.

So, during these most challenging times, I want you to find MANA as your “comfort place.” To that end, I invite you to share, in writing, how you are coping with COVID-19, the Ukrainian situation, the fall out of inflation, and whatever else you are coping with at this time in your life. 

This is a way you can see how others are coping, and a way to know that you are not alone. This is a moment to share in a digital, personal way.

You may use your real name if you wish. If you choose to remain anonymous, MANA will not post your real name. Your anonymity will be maintained and respected.  

Your work will be posted on MANA’s blog, The MANA Sunriser. This is a way you can see how others are coping. This is a moment to share in a digital, personal way.

Submit your work in Microsoft Word (.doc/.docx) format. Send your file via email to: and place CACOPHONY OF COPINGS in the subject line.

Questions? Contact via email at or call 734-975-0028.

Read submissions to CACOPHONY OF COPINGS below: 

By Dr. Fairy Hayes-Scott

As owner, I have been hesitant to post. As I have stated, I want this section to be a place where people can freely express how they cope with personal or national issues. And I did not want to be a contributor. However, the killing of youngsters and teachers in an elementary school has forced me to comment.

How do I cope? I pray. And I pray intensely for the families that are having to experience the loss. I pray intensely for all the people of that community, for I have no doubt there is a hurt that many will not overcome anytime soon. Also, I pray for the lawmakers who have not yet passed laws that address the killings this country has experienced. Finally, I pray for the family of the individual who committed this tragedy because of the pain of shame experienced even though no one in the family committed the act. I pray that everyone involved feels the grace of many.

How do I cope? I write. I write legislators who have the ability to pass laws that will address the issue of the irresponsible and deadly use of guns.

How do I cope? I write. I write in my diary. I want to make certain that I never ever forget the challenge of this tragedy. I want to be able to review my diary and not forget the loss of these little ones and the teachers who were just doing what they were supposed to be doing—trying to learn and impart learning.

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