The Academic and the Affective Factors: The Self-Publisher Must Consider Part 3

The extent of family support can be a key factor in coping and succeeding as a self-publisher. 

If you have a significant other: 

• Is that individual excited about the project?


• Can that person provide some assistance or is the significant other “put off” by the whole idea? 

• Is there agreement as long as “it does not infringe on my wants and needs”? 

• If you have children, are they able to take on some household responsibilities while you, the self-publisher, are preparing the project? 

And what about parents and siblings? Sometimes, unfortunately, these individuals can cause more stress than those in the nuclear family. Can you handle this stress? Will a parent say, “why are you wasting your time and money on this?”  Or are there health challenges they are experiencing that require your care and support? 

If you are considering self-publishing and are very capable of handling and coping with these less than supportive situations, then, you should move forward.

Most definitely, the responsibilities to family will have an impact on the writer’s success as a self-publisher. One reality is one’s gender. If you are a female self-publisher who has children, small or teens, you need to recognize that you will still be called upon in different directions. 

This is not to discount if you are a male. However, in most cases, even if the mother and father are working cooperatively together, when the children need anything, first, they will yell—“MOM!”  

Are you, the female self-publisher, ready for this? Do you have a plan? Do you have a support system? And, if you happen to be in the “sandwich generation,” where you are nurturing one generation and caring for the older, then, you must take pause. Again, this does not discount those men in similar situations. 

The fact is anyone having to live day-to-day with these affective situations needs to think long and hard about self-publishing. These are factors that will make self-publishing a reality or a dream.

Should I or shouldn’t I self-publish? You must evaluate professional and personal issues. Marketing is a major aspect that a self-publisher needs to recognize. You need to be ready to embrace all that technology has to offer. Certainly, you need to assess your personal life and its potential positive and negative impact on the self-publishing process. 

A self-publisher needs to have the professional know-how and personal support. Or, you should consider working with a company that provides self-publishing services and support. 

Should I or shouldn’t I? Of course, you should self-publish when you have the proper professional assistance and a realistic assessment of your professional and personal life. 

This is the third part of a three-part series on self-publishing. 

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