The Academic and The Affective—Factors the Self-Publisher Must Consider Part 2

Self-publishers need to embrace the technology available. In many cases, they are novices. And for many self-publishers, technology means the Internet or an e-book. But, there are other effective means of book promotion. For example:

• Those who have a website should utilize its effectiveness.  

• CD-ROM promotions can be very effective. People are apt to throw away a brochure that does not pique their interest. However, they do not throw away a CD as quickly or a file that can be inserted into a computer. Some self-publishers stay away from CD or file promotions with concerns about compatibility issues. As the technology continues to improve, this becomes less of an issue. 

• The idea of providing a commercial, an animated trailer for a book is a new method that self-publishers need to consider. Books 'N Motion, an audiobook publisher, provides this kind of innovative marketing tool. 

Another effective way for self-publishers to promote their books is not necessarily related to technology. It involves authors connecting to their audience through book readings. Readings from certain passages from the book could, also, be a way of gaining a potential customer's interest in the work. 

Many self-publishers are uncomfortable—plain ol' scared—of technology anyway. In order for self-publishers to compete with publishing companies. they must conquer their technological fears to market effectively.

There are a few companies that will aid the self-publisher. They offer self-publisher packages that cover many of the items discussed. Furthermore, there are a few that will provide marketing support. This is another alternative that an individual wanting to self-publish should consider. In this case, the author retains copyright but avoids having to come with the challenges of publishing a book.

Unfortunately, there are some other factors that these companies do not have control over. However, since many of the professional issues are covered in a self-publishing package, these companies provide services that will help authors cope more effectively with affective issues. Most times, when authors ask if they should or shouldn't self-publish, authors discount these issues. 

The third element one should consider will be discussed in Part 3 of this series: "The Academic and The Affective–Factors the Self-Publisher Must Consider."

This is the second of a three-part series on self-publishing. 

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