Happy Anniversary! Here Are Your 4 Self-Publishing Gifts From

If you're ready to self-publish your book, then take advantage of's (MANA) special offers. 

To celebrate 20 years of helping writers realize their dream of becoming self-published authors, MANA is offering four anniversary gifts:

ANNIVERSARY GIFT 1: Do you have questions about self-publishing? Writers often ask questions such as: 

• Can I use the lyrics of a song in my book or do I need to get copyright permission from the author?

• What are the pros and cons of self-publishing? Traditional publishing?

• What are the pros and cons of print-on-demand? 

• Should I design my own book cover art or should I hire a designer? 

• Is listing a book on Amazon enough to sell a book? 

• How do I get started with self-publishing? 

You may set up a consultation with MANA's owner, Dr. Fairy Hayes-Scott to ask these and any other questions. The 30- to 45-minute consultation, via Zoom, will answer your questions dealing with book publishing.

The consultation fee is $495, of which $250 is refundable if not satisfied. 

However, should you choose to have MANA self-publish your work, the $495 fee will be applied to a special self-publishing package cost of $1,490. Visit MANA's website to see details regarding all the services available in this package. 

ANNIVERSARY GIFT 2. A publishing plan is available for those with a fictional or non-fictional work of 50,000 words. The package includes color front and back covers, layout, a webpage on MANA's site, marketing, and 100 books. The non-refundable cost is only $2,000. You may pay $200 for 10 months. More details are available on MANA's website

ANNIVERSARY GIFT 3. If you want to control printing costs, you can choose your own printer, let MANA do the layout, and send the pdf file to your printer of choice. Cost: A $750 downpayment with the remaining half due when you approve the file. For more information, visit MANA's website.

ANNIVERSARY GIFT 4. Are you on a tight budget but want to give a surprise gift to a mother or father who has written a book? Say, "Happy Mother's Day" or "Happy Father's Day" with MANA's package that includes a wide range of services, such as color front and back covers, layout, marketing and distribution services, bonus gifts, and much more. Visit the ANNIVERSARY GIFT 4 page here:

MANA gives a $100 signing bonus and a t-shirt for all anniversary gifts. 

Get full details on all four-anniversary gifts on the website of

If you have questions, contact MANA at or 734-975-0028. 

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