10 Questions To Ask Yourself Before Starting Your Book This Year

This could be your year to finally accomplish your goal of writing and publishing your book. Writing is a journey that can help you discover who you are and help you to turn your dream of becoming an author into reality. 

Brendan Burchard, a #1 New York Times best-selling author and life coach is known for this statement: "The time to have the map is before you enter the woods." 

In other words, if you develop a plan for writing your book—prior to starting your project— you can be successful in completing your book. Writing is a wonderful habit that can transform your life if you stick to it and do not give up. 

Some people prefer to write first thing in the morning so they can start their days feeling energized. Others prefer the quiet of early afternoons or late nights. The best thing to do is to choose a time that feels right to you and set aside 15-30 minutes to write.

To help you get started or to motivate you to continue, if you’ve already started, here are 10 questions to mull over or use as journal prompts. You can work through the questions in chronological order or skip around if you prefer. 

So, let's get started. Grab a cup of coffee or tea, sit down (with or without a journal), and check out the questions.

10 Questions To Ask Yourself   

1. What are your writing goals this year? 

2. Did you start writing projects last year? If so, did you complete them? If not, what stopped you from completing them?

3. What self-limited beliefs will you cast off this year so that you can achieve your goals? A self-limiting belief keeps you stuck where you are (for example: "I can't write a book, and even if I do, who would read it?")

4. What new declarations can you make this year to replace your self-limiting beliefs about becoming an author? An example of a declaration: "I am a talented writer with a gift to share.

5. Do you need to hone your writing skills? If so, how do you plan to do it (for example, hire a writing coach, take a writing course)? 

6. What books do you want to read that will help you with your writing or help you to determine how other authors develop their stories?

7. Do you plan to connect with other writers or interview authors who can give you advice about writing?

8. Consider the writing projects you want to start this year. Have you set a deadline for them?

9. Is there someone in your life who can hold you accountable for completing your writing projects this year?

10. Think about your own life. Is it time for you to write your memoir? 

Do You Have More Questions?

These are by no means the only questions to ask yourself. But, this is a great way to get started. 

You may also want to download's (MANA) free file Before You Publish: A Book Publishing Checklist which has an extensive list of questions for you to consider before publishing your book. Click here to read our blog post about the checklist.

If you have questions about writing or publishing a book, feel free to contact MANA at or call 734-975-0028.

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