Do You Have Grammar Questions? Ask Away!

Are you struggling to understand grammar? (MANA) created an audio series on this blog called, Bare Essential Bits: All You Wanted to Ask About a Grammatical/Writing Tidbit but Were Too Embarrassed to Ask! Each 5-minute audio addresses a spelling challenge or grammatical issue that stumps or confuses writers. You can find the audio series here.

While the audio series is pretty extensive, it only scratches the surface on grammar. In fact, after listening to the series, you may still have questions about grammar that this series did not cover. If so, MANA is giving you an opportunity to ask questions and get answers. Here’s how this works: 

1. Send MANA your questions about grammar via email:

2. Your questions will be answered in an audio prepared especially for you by MANA’s owner, Dr. Fairy Hayes-Scott, who also produced the series.

3. The audio will be posted on the blog. 

MANA's Resource on Grammar

Dr. Hayes-Scott has written a book on the subject titled, Bare Essentials—The Book: Providing The Puzzle Pieces Of Good Grammar, Precise Punctuation, And Accurate Word Choice. The book is available on MANA’s website. Check it out here.  

Grammar is important to our everyday lives, whether we are writing a book, a paper for English class, or a doctoral dissertation, or sending an email to our supervisor at work. We go into the importance of grammar on the blog post, "What's The Big Deal About Grammar?"

With constant effort, you can improve your grammar skills which are essential to your writing and personal success. 

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