Need A Press Release To Announce Your Book? MANA Can Help

How do some authors get invited as guests on podcasts, TV, or radio shows, and snag interviews with print journalists or bloggers? More than likely the authors or their literary representatives sent a press release to the various media outlets. 

Press releases are crucial marketing tools for authors who want more exposure for their books. Generally, a press release allows authors to provide details about their book in a concise manner without revealing too much information before talking in-depth with the media. 

In addition, press releases contain basic information, such as:

1. An overview of the book's topic.

2. The author's biography. 

3. Book publishing information, such as the name of the book publisher.

4. Cost of the book and where the book is available for purchase.

5. Contact information for the author. 

What The News Media Look For In Press Releases 

Journalists and talk show hosts are usually inundated with press releases. So, what type of press releases will grab their attention? Critical components in a press release that may make journalists take a second look include:

1. An engaging lead paragraph that succinctly provides an overview of the book's topic. 

2. What makes the book unique? In other words, how is this book different from other books in the same genre?

3. The significance of the book to readers. In other words, what are the "takeaways" of the book?

Generally, members of the media are impressed with books that have a purpose that's bigger than the author. Rather than reading a press release that simply says, "I wrote a book and it's all about me," members of the media are more impressed with authors who "I wrote a book that I am hoping will help others."

A book—regardless of whether it is fiction or nonfiction—may contain messages to help readers who have been abused or bullied, going through an illness or a breakup in a relationship. For instance, the fictional Harry Potter book series by J.K. Rowling continues to resonate with readers because of its well-developed and beloved characters, the storytelling, and life lessons that permeate each book, just to name a few of the features that readers appreciate. 

At first glance, writing a press release seems easy. But, writing a press release is not as simple as it seems.

MANA Offers Press Release Writing Services 

Are you an author in need of a professionally developed press release? If so, MANA can help. As part of MANA's Special Holiday Offers, you can receive $25 off MANA's regular price of $175 for a press release. Just add the service to the cart on the page and MANA will send you a $25 refund check within 24 hours. 

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