MANA's Holiday Offer On DR C Consultant Services By Dr. Fairy Hayes-Scott (aka DR C)

Dr. Fairy Hayes-Scott aka DR C

Some people may wonder what's the big deal about writing? If you are a student, businessperson, author, or a wordsmith, for instance, writing matters. 

A well-written essay is an important factor in the college admissions process. A well-written academic paper may lead to a good grade in a college course. A well-written dissertation can contribute to earning the highest degree in a particular field. 

Whatever your reason for writing, keep in mind that there is a need to write well in order to acquire the respect and admiration of your readers. Writing well, however, takes practice. And, you may need help to do it correctly. Not surprisingly, even award-winning writers ask editors and writing consultants for assistance. 

If you are a parent of a high school student who needs help with a college admissions essay or if you are a non-traditional student (someone in their 30s and older) and preparing to go to college, I can help. Visit my website, DRCConsultant.comto learn more about me.

Having been a college English Literature and Composition professor for over forty (40) years, I understand the apprehension of traditional and non-traditional students have when it comes to writing. 

As part of's (MANA) holiday offers, I am offering a significant discount on my DR C Consultant services, which cover admissions essays and writing assignments while in college. MANA is a subsidiary of Robbie Dean Press, L.L.C. (RDP) and is another subsidiary of RDP.

Writing is not something to be afraid of because, with constant practice and effort, you can learn how to write well. All you need is a commitment and the drive for excellence. 

If you're ready to get started and want more details on DR C Consultant services, contact MANA via email at with "WRITING SUPPORT" on the subject line.  

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