MANA's Holiday Offers Feature Document Layout , Editing, And Book Cover Design

Publishing a book goes beyond writing your manuscript. The next step in the process is to edit and proofread your manuscript, lay out your book, design an eye-catching book cover, and top it off with an author's website. 

If these are steps that you have never taken before, it can get pretty frustrating. Don't be surprised if it takes several tries before you can produce satisfactory results. 

A well-designed book is important to readers. Not only must this work be done, but it has to be done well or else it will remain on a bookstore's shelf or on a PDF file waiting for someone to order it on demand. This means that you won't be able to sell many—if any—copies of your book. 

The same goes for creating a unique book cover. It's true that we all judge books by their covers (read our blog post, "Book Cover Design: A Key Factor in the Self-Publishing Process" here). For this reason, it's important that your book sports an eye-catching cover design. 

If you are not sure how to lay out a book, design a book cover, or set up a website, or if you need editing services, then (MANA) can help. 

As part of its "gifts" to customers during the holiday season, MANA has a special offer on document layout and book cover design from now through December 31, 2021. 

MANA's Special Holiday Offers

Document Layout

1. MANA will lay out your book for $750 with a non-refundable down payment of $350. 

2. The remaining amount must be paid after you email your approval of the layout. 

3. MANA will release the PDF after the payment is made. 

You may choose to have another company print your book or allow MANA to continue the publishing process. 

Book Cover 

1. The professional artists of MANA will give you a cover for $800. 

2. All it takes is a $400 non-refundable down payment for work to begin on your cover.

3. You will receive a PDF of the cover within four weeks once you send an email approval and pay the remaining amount. 

If you are serious about giving your book a real chance, do not neglect the important steps of book layout and cover design. 

Website Design

Not a techno wiz, yet you want a well-designed website to showcase your work? No problem. MANA has the designer for you. You can get an attractive basic website design for $800! For $300 more, you will receive yearly hosting and security for your website. 

Editing Services

If you need professional editing of any written work, MANA provides editing services. Whether it's a book manuscript, a letter, a paper, a thesis, or a dissertation, MANA can provide the editing services that you need. Sign up for this holiday offer, and for $100 an hour, you will receive this service for one year.

MANA's Charitable Donations

Throughout the years, MANA has donated to various charities, such as the American Red Cross and The ALS Association. This year, MANA's designated charity is The Ronald McDonald House of Charities in Ann Arbor, Michigan. With every purchase made during this holiday season, MANA will give 10 percent per purchase.

For information about all of MANA's Holiday Offers and to take a look at sample book covers, go here to visit MANA's website. 

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