How Do You Find Time To Write? Prioritize!

Do you ever find yourself disappointed at the end of the day because you were not able to work on your manuscript? 

Does this happen to you consistently?

If the answer is “yes,” you’re not alone. Many writers struggle with this feeling all the time. It can seem like an amazing feat just to finish the day knowing that you wrote even a few paragraphs.

But, you can accomplish your goal by prioritizing your writing time. Learning how to properly prioritize your writing time is the number one way to boost your productivity. 

Just putting it at the bottom of a “to-do” list isn’t enough. You need to determine if writing is really important to you or simply a hobby. And if it is, then it’s time for you to take it more seriously by giving it  priority along with your other daily responsibilities.  

So, let’s get started. 

Steps to Prioritizing Your Writing

1. Make a list of everything you need to do today. Don’t worry about prioritizing now; just get everything down, including your writing goals. 

2. Review your list. Ask yourself, “What are the most important tasks that I must do today?” 

3. Arrange your items in order of importance. You can assume that working, picking up the kids from school, and other daily responsibilities are essential tasks. 

4. Insert time for writing. Find out where you can carve out time—and how much time—to write.

5. Decide on your writing goal for the day. If you need to do research, decide on an outline for your story, or develop your characters, place your writing goal on the list. 

If you cannot find the time to write, how will missing one day of writing impact your writing goal? If you have high-priority tasks, such as family or work responsibilities, then schedule a day for writing when you have fewer tasks so that you can make up for the writing time that you will miss. 

The point is to find a way to prioritize your tasks so that you can accomplish your writing goals. 

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