MANA's BLACK LIT ALIVE! Podcast Features Excerpts from "Granddaddy" and "Autism—Poetic Pride"

MANA's BLACK LIT ALIVE! podcast is a special segment on literature produced by African American writers from the 18th century and beyond.

This podcast features excerpts from the book, Granddaddy, by Cavis Adams. (Go HERE to read an interview with Cavis Adams on our blog.)  

Granddaddy is the story of the hopes of an African American couple from the South who move to Minneapolis, and their young son, who experiences a "spiritual rebirth" after visiting his grandfather in Birmingham, Alabama. 

His grandfather is granted a lifetime of memories after fearing he would become just a mere memory to his family. 

Also featured are poems from the book, Autism—Poetic Pride: A Collection of Poetry by Queen Anya Rutz. The poems recited are:

• "Everyday People"

• "Welcome, Goddess Aurora"

• "Light Over The Rainbow"

Enjoy MANA's DR C reading excerpts from Granddaddy and Autism—Poetic Pride: A Collection of Poetry:

Go HERE to visit the webpage for Granddaddy for more information on the book. 

Go HERE to visit the webpage for Autism—Poetic Pride: A Collection of Poetry for more information on the book

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