Worried About Writing a College Admissions Essay? DR C Can Help!

How important is a college entrance essay?

Is it more important or just as important as grades and test scores? 

College admission officials look at a number of factors, including grades, the schools you attended, and a student’s background, when deciding who gets admitted. An essay can be one of the deciding factors. 

Admissions officials are not looking for Pulitzer Prize-winning essays or a dramatic four-act play that can earn you a Tony Award nomination. What they are looking for are well-crafted essays that show your true personality. 

Some colleges may ask you:

• Why are you interested in this particular college?

• What are your life goals?

• What are your passions, your interests, your experiences?

• How do you react when you’re faced with a challenge?

• What makes you stand out?

In other words, colleges want to know: Who are you?

What Else Are Admission Officers Looking for in an Essay?

Overall, a college entrance essay does not ask questions that you cannot answer. The problem comes in providing a compelling story about yourself that will grab the attention of a college admissions officer. 

But, how do you begin? How do you craft a strong opening paragraph?

How can you be sure that you are using correct grammar and punctuation? 

What's more, what if you're an adult wanting to go to college and you haven't written an essay in quite some time? Do you have the confidence needed to produce a strong, well-written college admissions essay? 

A powerful essay is an important aspect of getting admitted to a higher education institution. The good thing is that, whether you are a high school student or an adult, you can learn how to write an essay that will showcase who you are.

DR C Can Help

If you are currently applying to colleges and need help in writing an essay, contact Dr. Fairy C. Hayes-Scott, Ph.D., also known as DR C. 

What makes DR C qualified to help you? 

She has taught English Composition and Literature for 45 years in class and online. 

Within those years, DR C also taught American Sign Language and other lecture courses in Deafness. She has developed podcasts to instruct students with key grammatical skills. And for college-bound students, she can offer great assistance in crafting just the right entrance essay. 

Dr. C’s assistance is not only for high school seniors but, also, adults who are planning to make the move to start college. In other words, she is very interested in helping all students succeed in writing college entrance essays and writing good papers in their first semester of college.

DR C is also offering her services to teachers, from elementary to and through college, in how to explain a grammatical point, a way to develop or teach the subject of how to write a quality paper and to answer any questions that an educator may have. 

If you plan to begin college in Fall 2021 or if you are preparing college admissions applications, find out how DR C can help you. 

To learn more about costs and services, go HERE to visit DR C’s page on the’s website.

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