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Now, more than ever before, authors have a variety of publishing opportunities. And, due to advances in communications technology, authors can now get their works published, promoted, and distributed much easier than they could even a decade ago. 

While writing is an important aspect to book publishing, it's only one part of the publishing process. And, authors sometimes fail to realize this key fact. 

Without a doubt, if you plan to publish a book, you'll certainly have your work cut out for your once you finish your manuscript. But, the work is just beginning, and very little of that work will involve further writing (although an editor may see the need of rewriting parts of your manuscript). 

Being successful in publishing requires authors to not only know about how to write a compelling book, but other aspects such as knowing how to edit and proofread the manuscript, and how to price the book or knowing how to hire professionals to provide those services. 

The book publishing process can get frustrating at times, especially if you're a first-time author. But, don't fret, (MANA) is here to help you!

MANA has created Before You Publish: A Book Publishing Checklist that contains a series of thought-provoking questions for you to review before you publish your work. The questions are on a wide variety of topics, including self-publishing or traditional publishing, design and graphics, and marketing and promoting the book. Spaces are provided for you to write your answer to the question and put a checkmark in the box after completing the item.

Handling the non-writing aspects of book publishing may not be as enjoyable as writing the manuscript, but it's necessary and must be done—and done well—if you want to be successful in selling your book. 

Download your free copy of  Before You Publish: A Book Publishing Checklist today! Go HERE to get your copy!

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