What's The Big Deal About Grammar?

We studied grammar as children in elementary school. Now that we are adults, grammar doesn't matter anymore, right? Wrong!

Proper grammar and usage are just as important today as when we were children.

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For instance,
 if you are writing a book with an intent to publish it, do you think that readers would enjoy a story that’s riddled with improper grammar and spelling errors? Do you think people would want to read anything else that you write? 

It’s true that writers have used excuses, such as:

• “I didn’t want to pay for proofreading and editing.”

• “Why are there so many errors if I use a grammar checker app?”

• “I never understood grammar anyway!”

Many readers are turned off by self-published authors. In fact, typos and poor grammar are among the major reasons why books written by self-published authors fail. 

So, what’s the big deal about grammar? 

There are three reasons why grammar is a big deal: 

1. Poor grammar may give readers the wrong impression of you. You may be a great storyteller but readers won't know that if they have difficulty reading your work. Readers will not be impressed and will not support your writing efforts. 


2. Poor grammar may subject you to ridicule. Just think of the people who may be laughing at you (behind your back or to your face, if you know them) after reading your book with improper grammar and spelling errors. 

3. Poor grammar may cause readers to lose respect for you. Readers may believe that you do not care about your work since you did not bother to correct grammar mistakes in your book. If readers do not have the right perception of you, you may be unable to gain their respect.

Readers will not completely dismiss your work when you make one mistake. But, a book peppered with bad grammar and spelling errors can result in the loss of readers and book sales. 

If the problem for your poor grammar is actually the result of your lack of English language skills, then taking an online English course may be your answer. Or, you can purchase the e-book, Bare Essentials: An English Handbook for Beginner Writers, 19th ed., an all-encompassing book on English grammar. 

The author, Dr. Fairy Hayes-Scott, better known as MANA's DR C, says the comprehensive handbook emphasizes the rules of Standard English and it is imperative that individuals master these rules. 

"Keep in mind you have the choice to use the various forms of English," says Dr. Hayes-Scott. "The mastery of Standard English broadens the scope of those choices and the opportunities for the writer and the speaker."

Do you need help with your grammar? Check out the "BarEssentials Bits Podcasts" on this website. Or you may prefer a one-on-onconsultation with DR C. If so, contact Dr. Fairy Hayes-Scott at 734-531-6684 or via email at

Also go HERE on MANA's website to preview the e-book, Bare Essentials: An English Handbook for Beginner Writers, 19th ed.

Keep in mind that good writing and English language skills are essential 

to your future, whether you are a writer, business owner, teacher, or in any other walk of life. 

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