Thursday, December 6, 2018

Overcome Your Book-Publishing Fears in 2019

Do you want to publish a book but are afraid to “go public?” Having to step out from behind your anonymity and into the spotlight is a scary feeling. 
Another question that comes with being an author is: “Will anyone buy my book?” And, if they do, you may be fearful of what other people think of your book. What author doesn’t have this fear?
However, in order to succeed as an author, you will have to overcome these and many other fears. So, are you ready to overcome your fears and commit to becoming a published author in 2019?
It has been said that goals and dreams that have been left untouched often fade into the distance and become nothing but a memory. Is this really what you want to happen? 
The following are 5 steps that can help you overcome your initial fears of publishing your book. Along with the steps are questions that may prompt you to delve even further into the publishing process.
So, here goes: 
1. Write down your goals. Choose one to work on first. For instance, research the publishing process. How do you want to publish your book? Traditional publishing or self-publishing? What is the process for both publishing?

2. Create a plan of action. Think about how you plan to proceed with publishing your manuscript. Ask questions, contact book publishing companies and literary agents, determine the costs for publishing. Then, take action. 
3. Review your manuscript. Is your manuscript ready for publication? Have you determined the right genre of your book? Have you submitted your manuscript to a professional editor for review? There are a number of steps to take in the review process.
4. Set your budget. How much are you willing to pay to have your manuscript published? Do you want print-on-demand publishing or pay for bulk orders? Are you creating your own book cover or have it professional done by the publisher?
5. Develop a marketing plan. How are you going to promote your book? Will you sell your book on your own website, on Amazon, or on your publisher’s website? Are you willing to pay for advertising on social medial platforms like LinkedIn or Facebook? 

Don't Stop Here
Hopefully, these questions will motivate you to find answers and ask even more questions before you publish your book. 
There is something to the saying, “Knowledge is power.” The more you know about the book publishing process, the more confidence you will have to move forward and accomplish your goal. 
If you want to overcome your fear, have the desire to truly reach your end result—publishing your book.  
Once you reach your first goal, don’t stop. Set another goal and put your best effort into reaching it. Your confidence will grow and your mindset will be committed to excellence for all of your other ventures.

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