Thursday, October 4, 2018

Listen to an Audio Clip of the Book: "GRANDDADDY" by MANA Author Cavis Adams

GRANDDADDY tells the story of a young, African American couple that leaves the South during racial civil unrest and moves North. After experiencing disillusionment up North, the couple decides to send their young son back to the South to spend a summer with his grandfather. The time with his grandfather changes his life, and the grandfather's life as well. 

Now, enjoy an excerpt from:

GRANDDADDY by Cavis Adams

Go HERE to read a Q-and-A on the our blog with Cavis Adams, author of GRANDDADDY

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  1. First thing I look for, checked my library then checked for audio to purchase for my blind mother. while looking I was thinking about her only looking at television daily. Going to purchase but would she listen. I would have to put in audio and listen with her.