MANA Announces Winners of the 2017 MANA Blog Short Story Series Contest (MANA) is pleased to announce Jenny Harp, as the 1st Place winner of the 2017 MANA Blog Short Story Series Contest. Ms. Harp's short story, "Daisy," will appear as a five-part installation in MANA's Short Story Series on The MANA Sunriser Blog. Read "Daisy" by clicking on the title.

Maria Cox is the 2nd Place winner for her story, "Working Late." Ms.Cox's story will also appear as a five-part installation story in MANA's Short Story Series. Read the latest installments of "Working Late" by clicking on the title. 

Ms. Cox is a PRO member of Romance Writers of America and also treasurer of RWA/NYC. She has also served as president of the Phoenix Writers Club. When not writing fiction, Ms. Cox works as a technical writer. She resides in Queens, NY. You can visit her site at

Last year, MANA put out a call for entries for the short story contest. The MANA Sunriser Blog features a Short Story Series a “throwback” to the days when print newspapers and magazines published short stories that appear as a series. MANA has brought serials back to public life! To read the short stories that are already posted, go to the right side of this blog to view the story list. 

Again, MANA congratulates Jenny Harp and Maria Cox for their first and second place wins, respectively. MANA also thanks other writers who participated. 

We hope you enjoy MANA's Short Story Series. 

If you have a short story that you would like to contribute to MANA's Short Story Series, contact MANA at We will review your story and notify you if we accept your story for publication. You will maintain full copyright. 

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