Thursday, July 20, 2017

MANA Author Russ Grimes Interviewed On "The Author Inside You Podcast"

Russ Grimes, author of The Adventures of a Middle-Aged Man and the sequel The Continuing Adventures of a Middle-Aged Man: Unsung Hero was recently featured on "The Author Inside You Podcast." (Click HERE to visit "The Author Inside You Podcast" homepage.)

The Adventures of a Middle-Aged Man tells the story of Randy Grames, a 41-year-old electrical design engineer married for 17 years, yet he's depressed with his mundane life. One day while planting a flower garden, he unearths a sliver box containing a silver coin which he later discovers contains magic from Grigard the Wise. Then, the adventures begin...

In the podcast, Mr. Grimes discussed how he wrote his fantasy books from the beginning to the end. He said the hardest part for him was just getting started.  For some inspiration on getting started, listen to this interview with Russ Grimes:

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