Sunday, June 11, 2017

Is Fear of Failure Preventing You From Becoming An Author?

Do you have a “big dream” that you don’t like to tell oters about? Some people want to be entrepreneurs and quit their boring day jobs, some people want to be authors and share their stories with the world. Howver, few people will admit this if someone asked them what are their dreams or ambition.  
Typically, we don’t admit our dreams and hopes to others because we don’t want them to laugh at us and tell us to get our heads “out of the clouds.” And, if we’re honest with ourselves, we don’t admit our dreams and hopes because we know they have a small chance of becoming reality! We let a fear of failure stop us from not only speaking about our dreams, but pursuing them! 
This is a huge mistake. The reality is when we give “voice” to our dreams by speaking about them, the more we will become motivated to actually find ways to carry them out. 
For instance, if you want to be an author, what do you do? The first step is to find out what type of book you want to write. Romance? Science Fiction? Biography? Young Adult Fiction? Many authors write their first book in the genre they loved to read them most.
Next, visit bookstores, libraries or go online to check out books in the genre in which you plan to write. What do you like about those books? What do you think will make your book stand out when compared to the books already on the market?
Once you write your book and publish it (either print or as an e-book or both), you will be able to legitimately say you're a “published author.”
The point is that with a variety of resources available, including articles, online writer’s forums, and local writing groups, it is not difficult to start fulfilling your dream of being an author. So in other words, if you want to say you're an “author,” then all you have to do is to begin writing! Writing on a regular basis allows you to enjoy what you’re passionate about without downplaying your dream to others. 
Once you start looking at your goals and dreams like this, it allows you to completely forget the idea of failure. Failure, then, is no longer an issue—nor is it an option!

Sunday, June 4, 2017

Are You Marketing Your Book Online?

If you're a self-publishd author, chances are your family and friends have bought your book. However, you may still have a lot books left in the packaging box. What do you do with them?  How do you get people who aren't your friends or relatives to buy your book? Well, one of the best ways you can find a new audience for your book is to look online. 
When it comes to selling your book, you cannot afford to ignore the power of online marketing. The fact is that today, the vast majority of self-published authors sell their books online. So, you will want to be sure that you do your best to market your book online as much as possible. 
The first online platform most authors prefer is Amazon, believed to be the biggest seller of books in the world. Having your book on Amazon is almost like having it on a shelf in major bookstore worldwide. However, if you aren’t actively marketing your book, how will people know it’s on Amazon unless they stumble on it?