Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Newly Released Book Provides Writing Strategies To English Students

Dr. Erin Knoche Laverick’s new book, Learning to Write for Academic Success in Undergraduate and Graduate Schools, provides a roadmap for students to follow while in higher education English courses. 

English language instructors will find the textbook user-friendly in regard to planning their daily lessons because it includes useful activities that can easily be completed in a traditional fifty-minute class period. This book helps students to write a wide range of writing assignments, from article reviews and literature reviews, to annotated bibliographies, and argumentative research papers.

“Using the writing process and the graphic organizers provided in the textbook, students are taken step-by-step through the process of writing different genres of essays,” Dr. Laverick says. “With a heavy research component, reading strategies are also included, so students can best learn how to read academic writing and implement it into their research writing."

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

4 Important Elements In The Writing Process

As summer begins to fade, the school season gets into high gear, and your calendar starts to fill up with fall events, it’s easy to ignore your writing. After all, writing takes time and concentration, and it’s difficult to make it a priority when you’re juggling multiple activities each day.
Yet, if you want to meet your goal of completing your manuscript and publishing your book, it’s important that you factor writing into your daily routine. After all, writing is arguably the heart of everything when it comes to publishing your book. 
To avoid falling behind with your writing schedule, keep in mind the important steps to take in the writing process: 

1. Fit writing into your daily life in a practical way. 
• When will you find time to write?
• What are you willing to set aside in order to spend that time writing?
• Are you making writing a daily habit?