Tuesday, July 26, 2016

DR. C’s Tip #2: Know What Traditional Publishers Expect

One of the most important decisions authors have to make is deciding on whether to self-publish their work or find a traditional publisher.

In many cases, new authors want a traditional publisher because of the numerous services they can provide to their customers. However, what authors may not know is traditional publishers want more than just a manuscript.

So, here is my tip: Make sure you read (and re-read) a publishing company's submission guidelines before sending your manuscript.

This may take some time, but it will help you to narrow the list of companies that are willing to accept your work. Please understand that publishers have certain requirements because they want to make sure your work will be a good fit for them and most importantly, whether they can sell your book.

While each traditional publishing company has different requirements, here are just a few of the most common ones you will find:

Monday, July 25, 2016

Five-Minute Podcast For Aspiring or Seasoned Authors

Editor's Note: To find out more about the "Five, Fast, Five-Minute Podcasts From RDP/MANA's Dr. C, click HERE

Dr. C, writing coach for MarketingNewAuthors.com provides tips and advice on today's podcast for aspiring and seasoned authors.

Friday, July 22, 2016

MANA's FYI Fridays Podcast

Editor's Note: To find out more about the "Five, Fast, Five-Minute Podcasts" From RDP/MANA's Dr. C, click HERE. 

MANA's Dr. C. answers your questions about authors, sandwiched entrepreneurs, online educators, or people who are stomped over grammar or punctuation and may be too shy to ask.

Listen to Dr. C's podcasts on Monday through Friday over the next five weeks. If you have questions about these topics, ask Dr. C. and she will answer your question in MANA's FYI Friday's' Podcast. Email Dr. C. with your questions: info@marketingnewauthors.com

Be sure to check the MANA Sunriser Blog to listen to the 5-minute podcasts that you missed this week. In the meantime, listen to MANA's FYI Fridays podcast below: 

Thursday, July 21, 2016

MANA's Grammar/Punctuation Gotcha Corner

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Do you have problems with grammar? Do you wonder where to place commas, semicolons, and other punctuation marks? In this podcast, MANA's Dr. C. offers tips to help you resolve your issues with grammar.

Listen every Thursday for the next five weeks to "MANA's Grammar/Punctuation Gotcha Corner

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

MANA's Podcast For Online Educators: Keeping Students On-the-Line

Editor's Note: To find out more about the "Five, Fast, Five-Minute Podcasts" From RDP/MANA's Dr. C, click HERE. 

Are you an educator who teaches course online? Are you having trouble keeping your students interested? In this podcast, MANA's Dr. C. offers tips to help you keep your online students interested and "on-the-line.

Listen every Wednesday for the next five weeks to "MANA's Podcast For Online Educators: Keeping Students On-the-Line" 

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

MANA's Five-Minute Podcast for the Striving Sandwiched Entrepreneur

Editor's Note: To find out more about the "Five, Fast, Five-Minute Podcasts" From RDP/MANA's Dr. C, click HERE

Are you an entrepreneur and find yourself "sandwiched" into taking care of your children and your aging parents, all while carrying on your business? Then MANA's Dr. C. has some advice for you in this podcast.

Listen every Tuesday for "MANA's Method of Madness for the Successful Sandwiched Entrepreneur." 

Sunday, July 17, 2016

Introducing the Free, Fast, Five-Minute Podcasts!

If you are an author, entrepreneur, educator or interested in grammar, our “Free, Fast, Five-Minute Podcasts” are just for you. Visit our MANA Sunriser Blog over the next five weeks to hear advice, tips, and insights from Dr. Fairy C. Hayes-Scott, also known as Dr. C, MANA's writing coach. 

Dr. C. is an author, editor, college professor, and owner of Robbie Dean Press (RDP), which is celebrating its 25th anniversary this year. RDP is the parent company of MarketingNewAuthors.com (MANA). The podcast series is  one of many ways the companies are celebrating RDP's anniversary this year. 

The podcasts are aimed at aspiring and seasoned authors, entrepreneurs who find themselves “sandwiched” in between taking care of their children and their parents, online educators, grammarians, an anyone with questions about the above topics.

Sunday, July 10, 2016

Robbie Dean Press Celebrating 25th Anniversary With Free Consultation

Robbie Dean Press (RDP) continues to celebrate its 25th anniversary with a free 25-minute consultation with writers and small publishers who are seemingly hitting roadblocks. 

RDP, the parent company of MarketingNewAuthors.com and a traditional textbook publishing company, began on July 13, 1991. No company lasts for 25 years or even 14 without you, the customers. So, we want to give back to you! 

Click HERE to check out a previous blog to find out about the year-long specials in honor of RDP. From now until July 13, take advantage of FREE consultation (a $125 value).

• Are you a writer, stuck or facing writer's block? MANA can help!

• Are you a college professor wanting to get a work published that will benefit your 
  students and key textbook publishers tell you "your market is too small"? RDP can help!

• Are you a writer who wants to know how to become published? MANA can help!

• Are you frustrated by contacting so many publishers? MANA can help!

• Are you a small publisher that needs a little support? MANA can help! 

Then take advantage of our free consultation. Read more to find out how RDA and MANA can help: http://myemail.constantcontact.com/CELEBRATING-25-YEARS-IN-BUSINESS-.html?soid=1011088084784&aid=EqXAc_yQV-M

Thursday, July 7, 2016

Dr. C's Tip: It's Important To Follow Your Publisher's Advice

If you’re having your worked published by a traditional publisher, in many cases, you’re placed in the position where you must adhere to the publisher's suggestions for change. However, when you choose to self publish your work, there is much more leeway. 

The old saying by musical legend, James Brown, comes into play: “I paid the cost to be the boss." With self publishing, it’s very common for you to feel that you’re the boss! After all, it’s your money and as the author, you have the right to have the final say. While this is true, it can prove to be costly, in more ways than one! 

If you are just starting out, be open to suggestions from your publisher. If you have a self publisher that gives you suggestions, it is wise to consider them, particularly if this is your first time self publishing a book. 

Yes, as author, you may be the boss but not necessarily the expert in publishing. An established self-publishing company has published many books. So, if a representative makes a suggestion, it would be beneficial for you to listen and implement that suggestion. 

Friday, July 1, 2016

It's Time To Clear Your Roadblock!

If you’re an author, what is the biggest self-imposed roadblock that you face? It’s that small voice that whispers in your ear and says, “Who are you to think that you can write a book?”
Most authors have heard that familiar voice. However, those words can and should be ignored. Why? Because you have an important message that only you can share. No one has a story exactly like yours. So, it’s important that you, the author, tell your unique story and write your book from your own perspective. 
When you fully understand this, you’ll free yourself of your self-imposed roadblock. You’ll also attract your perfect audience—those readers who “get” you because they can relate to the words that you have written. Your readers will take your work and help spread your message far and wide.